Shape My Pregnancy: This is your Unique Journey

Three years ago, back when the Baby2Body app was still in its infancy, we launched our first advocacy campaign: #ShapeYourPregnancy

Our mission was to dispel the common myths and misconceptions surrounding exercise during pregnancy. It resonated with all of you and we received so much feedback from around the world–and it was incredibly inspiring.

As we head into 2021, we’re reviving this message–and since Baby2Body has grown to include all stages of motherhood, we’re expanding the mission, too.

So this January, rather than us telling you how to Shape Your Pregnancy, we want to put the power in your hands. We are renaming the campaign Shape My Pregnancy, and we want your voices to be front and center.

This will become Baby2Body’s central focus for 2021, and you will see us talking about #ShapeMyPregnancy across everything that we do. Why? Because we want you to take control of your pregnancy, own it, and have the tools to feel empowered to do so.

Shape My Pregnancy is all about you and your unique journey.

The campaign is relevant for all women whether you are TTC, pregnant, or postpartum and we’ll be taking a holistic look at what shapes a healthy motherhood journey–not just exercise, but all areas: from how you nourish your body to how you move, and how you manage your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Above all, we want you to know that there is no one right path to take. It comes down to what suits you best and ultimately the only right way is your way.

At Baby2Body, we are on hand throughout your journey to motherhood to offer you the tools and guidance when you need it–whether it’s nourishing your body from the inside out, finding a form of movement that is right for you, taking care of your mental health, and surrounding yourself with supportive women. These are all important parts of shaping your healthiest motherhood, and it’s up to you as to how you do it.

Throughout the year we want you to share with us elements of your journey… how you’ve been exercising, new things you’ve been eating, how you feel about your changing body, your struggles and how you’ve overcome them, and we’ll be featuring these cross our channels to encourage other women to do the same.

This is a movement to inspire you to take control, to feel empowered, to not feel intimidated by your choices during your pregnancy journey, and above all as a celebration of motherhood and what our amazing bodies can do.

Join us from January onwards and join our #ShapeMyPregnancy mission


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