6 Unique Ways Mamas Made Lockdown Fun for Their Kids

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it has been how to keep the kids entertained when normal activities are no longer available. With playgrounds, soft play areas, swimming pools, and play dates off limits during lockdown, us mamas (and papas) have had to think outside the box for new, fun activities for our little ones.

Whether your lockdown life was two weeks, two months, or is still ongoing, we can all agree on this: although it’s been tough, our children can be happy just playing at home. They don’t always need to go out, and their imaginations (and yours!) can be more fun than all the toys money can buy.

While in self isolation, we asked our ambassadors around the world to tell us how they’ve been keeping their kids entertained day after day. Here’s what they said–we hope this inspires you to make this time with your little ones a little more creative!


“Building forts, turning everyday tasks and chores into ‘us’ time (cooking, cleaning, gardening), color sorting, toddler sensory boxes using at home items such as rice, pasta, and jello. And painting together!”



“My little one is 15 months. We are fortunate to have a lot of space, so we go outside on scavenger hunts and find all sorts of leaves, feathers, sticks and anything Navy wants to pickup and explore. We are reading books a lot and doing puzzles. We play hide and seek and do drawing (but that only lasts a few minutes before he heads for the walls and anything but the paper).”



“We had two blow up pools for him to go nuts in the water, and a space to explore with paint.

We also cook together which has helped with his eating habits. It makes me proud. But I still find it so hard to come up with meal ideas for him.”


Lydia Isnanto

“Our baby is only 2 months old, so games haven’t been possible. However, we went out running a lot and he naps in the stroller while we run.”



“I am a very creative person, that is my happy place. So having to create new and fun things everyday to keep my baby girl busy was AMAZING for me. I built a board with weird and wonderful stuff to keep her busy and exploring. (I dedicate this board to all people who always complain that I hoard too much!”



“I kept my baby busy by dancing and chanting with him. He really likes music, so we make noise together. I talk with him and we shower together which he loves!”


What fun, creative things did you come up with? Share with us over on Instagram–we’d love to hear from you!


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