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Baby2Body was created to help women optimize their health during pregnancy and postpartum because we fundamentally believe (and the science supports it) that healthy mothers make for healthier, happier babies. But we also know that a woman’s motherhood journey — and the health of her future baby — starts long before a positive pregnancy test.

And we’re guessing you know that, too, because ever since we started Baby2Body, women have been asking us: “I’m not pregnant yet, but I’m planning to be soon. Do you have anything to help me get ready for baby?”

We’re thrilled to let you know that we finally do.

We’ve been busy working on an extension to the existing Baby2Body app that covers the preconception period — and it tells exactly what you can be doing to get your body ready for baby.

The Baby2Body Trying to Conceive Program (TTC for short!) gives you actionable daily insights and exercises to help you understand and improve your preconception health. Our program can make a difference to your overall healthy functioning, your chances of conceiving, and the health of your future baby. Here’s exactly what you can expect:

Actionable Insights & Motivational Tips

We know you’re busy, and that’s why we created Daily Bites: your one-stop-shop for quick access to everything you need to know about your preconception health, updated every day. You’ll get:

  • The latest fertility research
  • Fun weekly challenges
  • Quick workouts & exercises
  • Uplifting motivations
  • Plus, daily tips related to your preconception fitness, diet, wellbeing, and tips for guy’s preconception health too!

Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Our cycle tracking is brand-new and built specifically for women trying to conceive. Log your periods, track where you are in your cycles, receive insights into your ovulation dates and likelihood of conceiving, and easily see where your fertile window falls each month.

Basal Body Temperature Tracking

Your body temperature usually dips before you release an egg, and then rises for the next few days after ovulation. That’s why we’ve introduced a body temperature tracking feature for women who want to dial in their cycle tracking even further. You can easily log your temperature recordings in the app, which will post to your timeline.

Healthy Activity Tracking

Just as we do on the pregnancy and postpartum app experiences, you can create healthy habits by tracking weight, workouts, and water intake right from the homepage. All activities will log to your timeline — so you can keep an eye on progress and stay accountable to your goals.

Ability to Record & Capture Your TTC Journey

Our Timeline feature also allows you to add photos and notes to capture the start of your motherhood experience in this preconception phase. You get to decide what you want to record based on what’s most important to you, and we’ll store everything on your Timeline so you can go back and revisit your own story as a mama.

Workout Programs in the Fitness Studio

Our Fitness Studio is like a personal training program in the palm of your hand. Simply enter your current fitness level and goals to create a custom fitness plan. All workouts focus on getting your body in the best shape for pregnancy, paying attention to foundational core strength, lower body balance, upper body strengthening for good posture, as well as cardio circuits to get your heart ready for the hard work of carrying a pregnancy to term.

Nutrient-Dense Recipes in the Kitchen

The weekly recipes in the Kitchen are all designed to give you inspiration for nutritionally balanced meals, rich in the nutrients you need most when trying to conceive. All recipes are developed by certified nutritionists and optimized for giving you the nutrients your body needs most.

Quick Access Meditations in the Zen Den

Planning for pregnancy is exciting, but it can also be downright stressful. Staying in the right headspace matters, so our Zen Den gives you the tools you need to manage stress, reduce anxieties, and stay confident as you head into pregnancy.

If you want to get your body ready for baby and optimize your preconception health, be sure to download the Baby2Body app today.

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