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5 Surprising Ways To Boost Male Fertility

Did you know that infertility affects about 1 in every 6 couples who are trying to conceive? Research indicates that in almost half of those cases it’s due to complications or issues linked to the male partner’s fertility. Those rates may seem surprising, as it’s much more common to hear about female infertility (due to […]

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8 Tips to Achieve Your Best Night’s Sleep

New or expecting, moms are tired. Like, tired with a capital T. And much to our chagrin, the reality of motherhood is that a lot of the time, the answer isn’t to simply “get more sleep.” Because there’s no time for more sleep–or no feasible way to convince your newborn to sleep through the night. […]

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5 Ways Exercise Makes You More Mentally Fit

We’re 1 week into our 28-day Bump Up Feb fitness challenge, and we hope you’re crushing it with us and feeling good! Why is it that exercise can make us feel so good? Well, we know that sometimes it doesn’t feel so good… BUT when you get in a rhythm and get a great workout […]

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10 Things Every Expecting Mom Wants for Christmas

While it’s really fun to get gifts for baby (or a baby on the way!) for Christmas, most pregnant moms wouldn’t mind getting something that they really want, too. We’ve asked expecting moms in the Baby2Body community what’s on their wish list this holiday season (besides a healthy baby, of course!). We rounded up 10 […]

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