Find Out Why We’re Teaming Up with Ovarian Cancer Action

Happy March ladies! Today we want to talk about an important, and serious, subject. In the UK, the deadliest gynecological disease is ovarian cancer. As a London-born and based company, we’re passionate about raising our voices and creating awareness and action around issues affecting British women. But we also want to do our part to […]

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How To Financially Prepare For Baby

We want to keep you as happy and healthy as possible while your baby is growing and once s/he arrives! Of course money cannot buy you happiness – or health for that matter – but feeling in control of your finances is one way you can help reduce one of life’s most common stressors. Bringing […]

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Put fussy scalps in time-out with the SoCozy Hush collection

Cozy Friedman, founder of SoCozy, is taking over the blog today and sharing some of her top tips for baby’s hair care and how to manage when your little one has a fussy scalp. Giveaway Alert! We’re teaming up with SoCozy to bring one lucky winner a gorgeous collection of goodies. Check out our Instagram for […]

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Nourish skincare chat with Dr. Pauline Hili

Nourish Skincare is a brand that’s been on our radar for a while. Combining organic ingredients with a desire to enhance and improve your skin, their founder Dr. Pauline Hili is a true innovator in the world of natural cosmetics. We sat down with her to find out a little more about the brand, along with some […]

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Eat pretty: our interview with Jolene Hart

As long-time fans of Jolene Hart’s and her debut launch Eat Pretty, we’re so pleased to be featuring an exclusive interview with her on the Baby2Body Blog. We’ve covered every topic – juggling motherhood with a career, eating for your complexion, boosting your happiness, and much more. We hope you enjoy it! A little bit about […]

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