You Don’t Have to Be Supermom

We’ve come to the end of Maternal Mental Health Awareness week, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop talking about it, because it’s so incredibly important. Today we’re bringing up something that we know lingers on the minds of so many of you, as there’s this thing we tend to do as mamas… We […]

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9 Restorative Stretches To Relieve End of Day Tension

We just wrapped up another work week in lockdown and somehow May is here. As we move into another month of living through a pandemic we wanted to ask you a question that we realized we don’t ask often enough: How are you feeling, physically? Are you having more aches and pains than usual? Are […]

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The Newest Baby2Body Ambassadors: Sabrina, Brie, Cara & Reandi

Recognize any of these faces? You may have seen some of these gorgeous ladies on our Instagram recently… so let’s get to know them! And don’t worry — if you’re interested in being an ambassador, we’re still accepting applications on a rolling basis, because we’re always looking to grow this amazing group of women. If […]

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How to Make the Most of Your Frozen Veggies

Raise your hand if there are frozen veggies in your freezer you don’t remember buying. Guilty? Same. For a lot of people, bags of frozen vegetables are well-intentioned purchases that aspire to make you that prepared, financially-savvy mama of your dreams. But in reality… they’re usually forgotten. Shoved to the bottom of the freezer, never […]

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