Baby2Body was founded to break the mold on women’s health and wellness before, during, and after pregnancy. We were tired of outdated messaging, wishy-washy guidance, and a pastel approach to motherhood. We set out with a mission to put evidence-based guidance on fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing into women’s hands at an exciting — but let’s be real, daunting — time of life.

So, we created Baby2Body to take the guesswork out of staying fit and healthy; guiding women through everything they can do, rather than focusing on what they can’t.

We’re so proud of what we’ve created so far, and we’re humbled by the amazing community of Baby2Body mamas from all over the world. But we have so much more in store for you.

We’ve been working with an incredible group of experts to help you take your health and wellness to the next level. All of these ladies share a passion for promoting the health and wellness of women everywhere and you’ll be seeing a lot more of them on our social channels and of course on the app! We’re so excited for you to learn from them, cook with them, sweat with them, and breathe with them. So, let’s get to know the team of Baby2Body experts.

Let’s meet them.

Melinda Nicci

Fitness & Wellbeing
Sport & Exercise Psychologist, Certified Fitness Instructor

You probably know Melinda by now. She is our founder & CEO, a mother of two, Sport Psychologist, and a pre & postnatal trainer — and she’s the inspiration behind the entire Baby2Body experience! She’s here to keep you fit — both mentally and physically — every step of the way.

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Emma Hanton

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Emma has her Masters in Human Nutrition and is a major foodie. She’s got a knack for developing meals that are good for you and taste amazing. She’s here to help you stay fueled, develop a healthy relationship with food, and love what’s on your plate.

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Laura Lucas

Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer w/ Qualification in Pre & Postnatal Fitness

Laura is a pre & postnatal trainer with 6 years of experience working with new and expecting mamas. She’s here to help you get fitter, stronger, more confident, and more energetic. She’ll keep you toned with weights and flexible with her yoga flows — you can find her in the Fitness Studio today!

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Becki Haslam

Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer w/ Qualification in Pre & Postnatal Fitness

The newest addition to our team of Fitness Studio trainers, Becki has an infectious smile and endless energy that will keep you motivated during workouts. She’s got some advanced-level prenatal workouts that will kick anyone’s butt…

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Ellie Gill

Ashtanga Vinyasa 200hr yoga teacher

Ellie’s love for yoga stems from how incredible it makes her feel — in body and mind — and how much she loves sharing her passion with others. Her flows are restorative for body and soul, you won’t ever want to leave the mat when she’s teaching.

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Lou Murray

Wellbeing & Nutrition
Integrated Health & Mindfulness Coach

Louise (who goes by Lou!) is a mama of 4 and she makes taking great care of yourself both attainable and effective. She’s here to help you nourish yourself on and off the plate, make mindfulness part of your life, and build a tool kit for living well.

Learn more about Lou

Amrita Das

Wellbeing & Breathwork
Science of wellbeing & neuroscience from UC Berkeley

If anyone can convince you to try breathwork, it’s Amrita. Years of burning the candle at both ends led her to turn to breathwork as a way of finding happiness and balance, and she’s here to share her knowledge with you!

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