CEO & Founder of Baby2Body

MSc in Exercise & Sport Psychology, Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Trainer, Expert in Women’s Health & Wellness for over 25 years

“I’ve had my qualifications in prenatal and postnatal fitness for over 20 years — I actually got them when I was pregnant with my first child because I couldn’t find anyone to train me in the way I wanted. So of course, safe and effective exercise is at the core of what I focus on. But physical fitness isn’t just about the race to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans – it’s about empowerment. It’s about being able to reduce pregnancy complications, it’s giving your baby a head start in their future health, and it’s preparing yourself physically and mentally to take on every new challenge that motherhood throws at you. And that’s really where I come in as a Sport Psychologist; helping give women the tools to find balance, health, confidence and self-efficacy in all areas of their lives.”

Where You’ll Find Mel on the App

Pretty much everywhere. She’s behind the entire Baby2Body workout program and her audio guidance will help you lead through workouts, mindfulness meditations, and more. She’s the brain behind the Baby2Body experience and the reason we’re all here.