There is no right or wrong. Listen to your body, and love it, no matter what.

New mom

Why Baby2Body?

I was looking for a safe workout that I could do on my own whether at the gym or at home without having to hire a PT. I also wanted modern day tips and relevant information throughout this pregnancy. Stumbling upon the app, I found it very user-friendly, straight forward, yet inspiring to read the quick health-related articles.

Weirdest pregnancy craving

All I could have the first 3 months was cereal and milk – two things I never had before! Second trimester cravings were soggy fries and ketchup.

Favorite way to unwind

I get at least one massage a week. I’ve learnt how to nap. While the weather has just started getting better in Dubai, spending days by the pool are just a godsend!

Hardest part of pregnacy

The first trimester was horrible for me. A mix of morning, *cough* ALL DAY, sickness, nausea, crazy hormones, and depression really put me down for about 4 months. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t looking forward to anything, and I was miserable.

Best part of pregnancy

Keeping fit and being complimented that I looked good throughout it!