“I want my kids to have me at my best and healthiest self, and to show them how important it is to take care of yourself.

Mom of 2

Why Baby2Body?

It provided such a variety of easy yet challenging workouts for me during my pregnancy when my motivation or energy was not available. I really love having the videos for guidance, as well as the daily tips and meditation section. It really is a well rounded app for expecting and new moms.

Daily ritual that makes you feel amazing

My skin care/facial cleansing routine! It makes me feel so refreshed in the morning to prepare for the day, and relaxes me as I shut down for the night.

Favorite workout

I enjoy full body circuit training the most, and mixing it with running sessions throughout the week.

Words of wisdom

Do not give up. Pregnancy is temporary compared to the lifelong love, joy, and fun you will receive from your kid(s). Everyone will be there to remind you of the sleep deprivation for the first few months, or all the diapers and so on. But what people forget to tell you is the love and happiness you will feel as you get to watch them grow up. Enjoy every aspect of all of it because once it is gone, they will be all grown up. Most importantly, be patient and gracious with yourself during the process.