Between work, motherhood and healthy lifestyle, motherhood is my priority, everything else slots between that.”

Mom of 2

Why Baby2Body?

Each week has a selection of workouts and stretch programs, so I choose from a different selection each week. I love the daily bites and the snippets of information they have, this also serves as a daily reminder to get the pelvic floor exercises done!

Weirdest pregnancy craving

Pass me all the pickles, please!

Favorite way to unwind

A warm cozy house, (it’s cold in London at the moment!) really good food, and good company with my husband and our kids.

Favorite workout

Before pregnancy my answer to this would have been hands down running. I still love to run but it’s definitely a different type of running when pregnant. Running gives me mental clarity and head space to take on the rest of my day.

Guilty pleasure

Good coffee, yum!

Words of wisdom

We all have moments during pregnancy and motherhood where we struggle. The most important thing is to remember what an amazing job you are doing creating that baby in your belly. Do something nice for yourself or just take the time to give yourself the head space you need.