Consistency is key and being active is always the best medicine.

New mom

Why Baby2Body?

It gives me peace of mind! I know the exercises I’m doing are safe for my baby, and I don’t have to fight through pregnancy brain and decide what to do – I just have to press start and get moving!

Weirdest pregnancy craving

I have not been able to get enough of Coca-Cola icees! I just love them. So cold and sweet haha but so terrible for you.

Source of joy

Every day I journal and write down what I am grateful for and what I have learned – it really puts life into perspective and always improves my mood!

Favorite workout

I love mat workouts and yoga! I also love weightlifting but haven’t been doing that much since becoming pregnant since my balance has been so off!

Guilty pleasure

True crime podcasts – definitely not the best thing for baby to overhear but I am so fascinated by them!

Words of wisdom

So much of pregnancy is mental. A positive attitude can get you through the most intense moments. It’s hard sometimes to just take a breath but you have to remain centered and strong! We are mamas, we’ve got this!