Everything feels harder during pregnancy, so do what you can when it comes to working out and eating healthy.”

New mom

Why Baby2Body?

I love any good workout that I can easily do from home, and I really like how the workouts are customized to the week of my pregnancy.

Weirdest pregnancy craving

Plain cereal (no milk!) was one of the few things that I looked forward to eating during my first trimester when I was dealing with nausea on a daily basis. Now, I’m eating cereal with milk every day. It’s not my usual go-to breakfast, but I’m letting it slide during the pregnancy. Right now, Life Cereal is my favorite.

Fitness motivation

I’m a registered dietitian and know the importance of teaching our children about health and fitness at an early age. I was fortunate to have very active parents,and I picked up on their habits to be an active teenager and adult. Now, I can’t imagine my life without exercise. I hope that my kid(s) will learn good habits from me that last into adulthood and beyond.

Favorite workout

Distance running is my preferred workout, but I stopped running altogether when I was 30 weeks pregnant. I like workouts that tone my arms, so I always do the upper body exercises in the Fitness Studio in the app.

Guilty pleasure

Cake and ice cream. Even better when eaten in combination.

Words of wisdom

Choose the time of day when you have the most energy to work out, and be kind to yourself if you have to skip a day, a week, or longer. It’s good to know that it can make you feel better temporarily.