“My nutrition and fitness play a huge role in keeping me active, energised and in high spirits; I aim to be a positive role model as I journey into motherhood.”

London, United Kingdom
Expecting first-time mom

Why Baby2Body?

Spending my pregnancy in a pandemic has meant that the Baby2Body app has been a lifesaver with regards to workout inspiration and motivation, even more so since gyms have been closed!

Why are you excited to be a part of this community?

I am a single mother which I’m working on accepting before my baby arrives; it’s so encouraging to follow other women’s journeys, especially with this being my first child.

Weirdest pregnancy craving?

Knowing that I should limit my intake of fizzy/ sugary drinks didn’t stop me from buying Lucozade orange in my first trimester and I then developed a weird craving for tonic water and ice!

Favorite way to unwind?

I love listening to music and watching films to escape some of the day-to-day pressures.

What does your health mean to you?

My health has always meant a lot to me, especially since having an open myomectomy 5 years ago to remove an oversized fibroid. The knock-on effect means my chances of a natural birth are limited. I am a pescatarian and have maintained a high level of fitness over the years due to the demands of my career as a dance artist. My health as a mother is very important and now, more than ever, mental health is also top of my agenda.

Words of wisdom

I would say I’ve struggled with my pregnancy, but I know that I am blessed and feel more and more excited about meeting my newborn. These 9 months will be worth it and I look forward to the rewards that motherhood brings. We are as strong as we allow ourselves to be. If needed there is a lot of support out there; whether it comes in the form of friends, family and/or medical staff; if we are willing to accept it. The Baby2body community is an encouraging network to be a part of.