“Health and fitness are important in every aspect in life. They give me a chance to feel good physically and also mentally feel accomplished.”

Los Angeles, California
Expecting first-time mom

Why Baby2Body?

It’s one less thing I have to plan during the day! I can pop in, log my water/weight and do a workout for however much time I may have in my day.

Weirdest pregnancy craving

No hardcore pregnancy cravings, but I do tend to gravitate towards pickles more than I used to!

Source of joy

Sing! I’m a musician and choral director, so I have the opportunity to sing every day and I am so grateful for it.

Favorite workout

If I had my way, I’d only do yoga – BUT I know there’s more to it than that. I love the lower and upper body burns!

Guilty pleasure

Cheese fondue!!! With all the fixings!! (Carrots, apples, sausage, pickles!!, mushrooms, etc)

Words of wisdom

Wherever you’re at is where you’re meant to be! Some days are easy and some days are hard – so take it easy – take a nap – and do what you can, when you can! You’re growing a human! This sh*t is no joke!