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Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a freelance pre- and post-natal personal trainer and yoga teacher based in southwest London. I can’t remember a time I didn’t love babies. I come from a large family and have always been around lots of children – I used to be obsessed with my younger cousins. I started nannying in my early teens and still love to babysit from time to time when I have free time. I feel very lucky that I can combine two of my passions in a job that is incredibly rewarding.


Why do you love Baby2Body and what drew you to the company?

Although I’m not a mother I know from chatting to my pre and post natal clients that they can feel overwhelmed by the wealth of information out there. Baby2body provides information on a wide range of topics that are short, interesting and mother and baby focused. I love the ethos behind the company: a healthy, happy mother = a healthier, happier baby. From postnatal depression to at-home workouts — it covers everything.


Why are you excited about working with Baby2Body? 

I find mothers often feel they have lost their identity after having a baby. I want to inspire women to feel strong and healthy in body and mind throughout pregnancy and after. I believe exercise has a transformative effect both physically and mentally. I want mothers to take well-deserved time for themselves, as they are constantly giving to others. It’s so important for them to take some time in the day to focus on their breathing, connect with their body and have a distraction from the million and one things on the to-do list.


Now for some quick questions: 

What do you love most about working in prenatal and postnatal fitness?


So many things: being very closely connected with such an intimate, insecure, exciting, and amazing time for women; hearing different experiences and worries of pregnancy, first-time motherhood and changing relationships; seeing the bumps turn into babies; spending time with babies every day; seeing mothers get fitter, stronger, more confident and more energetic.
What do you find your prenatal clients struggle with the most?

Everybody’s experience of pregnancy is so different – some women love (almost) every minute and others have different struggles mentally and physically. These are the 3 things that come up most often:

  1. Worries surrounding “tempting fate” especially before the 3-month mark, about their baby being healthy, and anxiety surrounding the birth.
  2. Feeling insecure as they adjust to their changing bodies. Unfortunately, I think this is a reflection of the pressure on women to look a certain way (mainly due to social media and celebrity culture). This pressure continues and is in some ways amplified in pregnancy. I think all pregnant women are beautiful – growing a new life – it’s unbelievable.
  3. Getting people to give up their seats on the tube (even with a baby on board badge or a large bump!).


What’s your favorite type of workout?

It changes every day and depends on where I am in the world, the time of the month, my stress levels. Yoga makes me feel calm and energised. Weight training and reformer pilates strengthen my body. Running (only outside, never on the treadmill (ZZZ!) makes me motivated and more productive. I sometimes mix it up with TRX training, Muay Thai, and Boxing so I don’t get bored. Nowadays there is something for everybody in the fitness industry, and I think that’s so great. I used to feel uninspired by sport when I was at school but its definitely different now.