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Tell us a bit about yourself!

I was born and raised in the high mountains of Utah, where I still currently live with my partner and our son.


Why do you love Baby2Body, and what role has it played in your mama-hood journey?

Baby2Body is such an innovative tool for mothers and even women just looking for guidance in their health. The algorithm is fantastic at helping keep organized and motivated, while also giving entertaining posts on a wide range of subjects.


Capture d_écran 2018-11-19 à 14.07.49Why did you want to become a Baby2Body Ambassador?

I chose to become an ambassador for Baby2Body because I believe in the message and love that it’s dedicated to mothers and mothers to be. Having a baby turns your world upside down in such a deliriously fantastic way, that the mother doesn’t have much time for self-improvement, which is something she needs. Baby2Body is a clever tool that gives mom a little something back of herself that doesn’t exclude baby, but rather focuses on what’s best for both mother and baby because your health is just as important as your child’s.


Now for some quick questions: 


What was the hardest part of your pregnancy?

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The hardest part about pregnancy for me was having to take a HUGE step back with my yoga practice. Pre-pregnancy, I was advancing and making great strides in my practice, but within just a few short weeks of getting pregnant, I had to modify it all for the safety of the precious life growing in my belly. This is something I had to learn to be okay with because the real yoga isn’t how far I can put my leg behind my head, it’s how I respond to my environment; how I choose to react. Pregnancy taught me patience in a way I never knew possible.


What’s been your strangest craving while pregnant?

During my pregnancy, I craved a few things, but the one that was the silliest was pizza during my first trimester. I’m a healthy eater most of the time, so I found this really funny. Of course, it wasn’t so funny when I was eating pizzas by the whole multiple times a week. Then I discovered something. It’s the not the pizza I craved, but the cheese! It seems my body was craving calcium. Who knew??


How do you relax and unwind?

Relaxing and unwinding can be difficult, to say the least, with a newborn baby, but nothing helps quite like a hot bath or shower with soothing essential oils. If the day hasn’t worn on me too badly, I seize the moment to run to the store once my partner comes home from work. While he watches the baby, I enjoy whipping up a meal for us that’s both healthy and tickles the taste buds. If the day has indeed worn on me, which is about 80% of the time these days, unwinding may mean just sitting alone in a quiet room breathing.