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Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Courtney, I am a yoga teacher and mama of a 9-month-old baby girl. We live in Southern California.


Why do you love Baby2Body, and what role has it played in your mama-hood journey?

Baby2Body is a great way of getting information for the exact week of development whether while pregnant or postpartum! I love the relevant information and that Baby2Body is not shy… for example, the articles talk about the realities of postnatal recovery, your sex life, and other real-world issues we face as mamas in an authentic way. I also love the short and sweet breathing exercises and pelvic floor workouts!Capture d_écran 2018-11-19 à 09.58.06


Why have you chosen to become a Baby2Body Ambassador?
I am passionate about empowering women and debunking some of the old school ways of looking at pregnancy and motherhood. We are resilient, strong, capable creatures! It is a rollercoaster ride of a journey no matter what and things don’t usually go as planned, so feeling like you are part of a community and that you are supported is key in navigating all things motherhood! What a great resource Baby2Body is!


Now for some quick questions: 


What was the hardest part of your pregnancy?

The end… feeling enormous and uncomfortable in my skin and simply having to wait! I went to 42 weeks and 1 day…


What was your strangest craving while pregnant?

Potatoes!! Fried, baked, even as a salad! I couldn’t get enough potatoes, lol!


What’s your favorite type of workout?

Capture d_écran 2018-11-19 à 09.57.12I am passionate about all exercise but yoga is my number one. You can modify the practice for any stage of the pre- and post-natal journey and address the mind, body, and spirit all at once… There is little equipment needed so you can simply get on your mat and practice anytime, anywhere. You may find you feel better physically and that you can clear your mind enough to create a sense of a “clean slate”.



How do you relax and unwind?

Long walks! Both when pregnant and now with and without the baby. Sometimes fresh air and a few moments of peace and quiet are the best antidotes to stress and anxiety. I also love a good massage once a month or so!!