Stephanie 1.jpgInstagram: @stephluck


Tell us a bit about yourself! 

My name is Stephanie, I am a 25 year old mumma of 2 living in Australia. I have a little girl who is 2 years old and a son who is currently only 4 weeks.

I have been lucky enough to be able to stay at home with my children allowing me to focus on motherhood but also myself and my studies, as I’m working towards a degree in Media and Communications with a focus on Public Relations. I am a major people person, I thrive off human contact and communication! I love inspiring, motivating and being able to share my story in hope I can resonate and make some sort of change in not only other mummas but all women around the world. I have a blog called Parenthood Unexpected that focuses on the realness of motherhood, the good times and the bad, and I also speak about my mental health journey. My whole purpose of my blog and social media forums is to just be real.

Why do you love Baby2Body, and what role has it played in your mama-hood journey? 

Stephanie 3I mean what an amazing app for making you feel inspired and motivated and helping you keep on top of your health during such an important part of your life. It is great for helping women understand their body and accepting the changes that it does go through during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy – let alone motherhood – is tough and it can be lonely and isolating, so it’s so important to stay positive and find time to nourish yourself, be healthy, and feel healthy. Baby2Body has helped motivate me to keep physically healthy and mentally healthy through my pregnancy and after, and that to me is honestly life changing.  

Why have you chosen to become a Baby2Body Ambassador?

Being a change, a voice and being able to help other woman is EVERYTHING to me. It is purely the reason I do what I do and share my life with many people through social media. To be a Baby2Body Ambassador gives me an even bigger chance to do this and give back. It allows me to share my journey with hundreds of women going through the same lifestyle changes, and share how to manage and stay on top of your physical and mental health.  My message to other Baby2Body mummas would be that you are never alone, you are entitled to feel what you feel, and to just keep at it! It is so important to focus on yourself, and look after yourself, and this app will remind you how to do that (because as we all know sometimes it is so easy to forget!).

Now for some quick questions: 

What was the best part of your pregnancy? 

Stephanie 2The best part of my second pregnancy was appreciating my body, accepting the changes with open arms, and just loving myself probably more then I ever have. A woman’s body is unreal; we create life, we nourish these little humans, and give them the best possible start in the real world.  That to me is mind blowing!! Looking at my body changes as a positive instead of criticizing myself was such a big turning point in accepting and loving myself and my pregnancy.


What was the hardest part of your pregnancy? 

The hardest part was the hormone changes – I didn’t think I was capable of being so emotional haha. Although it is out of our control it can be tough being so overwhelmed with hundreds of different emotions. My anxiety became quite rough towards the end of  my pregnancy and that became hard to deal with, but like us mothers do we manage to deal with it and once baby is here all that fear and doubt just seemed to disappear.