Amanda 2Instagram: @amandapanda_abracadabra


Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I’m Amanda, and I currently live between the US and the UK with my husband, and our 15 month old son – and we’re due any day now with our second boy and waiting out his arrival in the UK! My husband and I are entrepreneurs and run two businesses together. We’re from different countries, met in Africa, and were long distant (including long-distance married!) before we were able to find a way to be together. We’re at a really fun stage with our son at the moment – he’s always been a great travel buddy, but lately he’s walking around and becoming very independent, loves being outside and also tucked into his little reading nook in our living room, and is a really cuddly, lovey guy. We’re stoked to be adding to our family, and we know that the close ages of our boys will mean they are instant friends!

Why do you love Baby2Body, and what role has it played in your mama-hood journey? 

It’s really overwhelming to be pregnant for the first time – everything that goes on with your body, you’re just wondering, is this normal? Is THAT normal? I’m lucky that I have my family to pester with questions, but I also LOVE apps and went through a few before finding Baby2Body. I really appreciate that it covers the different aspects of pregnancy but also your body in general, rather than just focusing on one thing (whether that be community and social sharing, or food, or exercise, or a countdown app). With the Baby2Body app, not only am I still getting the updates based on how far along I am, but I’m also able to connect with a community of moms AND moms-to-be which means I’m just getting so much more information and support. The exercises are really helpful, as well as the wellness section. I also love a good blog, who doesn’t! With my second pregnancy, I’ve been able to relax a bit more about aches and pains (as much as you can!), keep busy with my toddler, and also feel like I can give back with some advice even as I’m seeking support from other moms.

Why have you chosen to become a Baby2Body Ambassador?

I believe in sharing the good things you come across with others. Being a Baby2Body Ambassador means I can help other moms and moms-to-be discover the app, how helpful it can be, and the other women it can connect them with. As someone who has co-founded and run a few companies and communities myself, I understand how frustrating it can be when you only hear from someone when it’s something negative. There are so many people having really positive experiences with products out there, and sometimes they just don’t share that with the people around them! I definitely feel a responsibility to let others in on things that have helped me as a mom, including this app and community.

For others using the Baby2Body app, they get it I’m sure – it’s great! I think with choosing to be a part of a community like this, you really get out of it what you put into it. If you’re using the app the way it’s meant to be used, as a full-circle source of information and help, and you contribute within the forum with answering questions, asking some of your own, and generally supporting others, you’ll just get so much more out of it rather than if you use it passively. So for anyone who is using the app or considering downloading it, it’s something to keep in mind – it works if you work it!

Now for some quick questions: 

What was the best part of your pregnancy? 

The best part of my pregnancy I would say has been having one child already to distract me from things like morning sickness and fatigue. Because of him, and wanting to make sure I’m making good choices as a mom for him, we’re outside every day, he goes to classes a few days a week, and we’re always planning new adventures to take him on. Also because this is my second pregnancy, I’m more chilled out about everything in general and am more likely to take things like my SURGING hormones in stride!

What was the hardest part of your pregnancy? 

The hardest part of this pregnancy is definitely being in a different country than my mom and sisters, especially when I rely on them so much for advice and friendship! I used to be a quick drive from them, but because we’re staying put for a bit with this second baby in the UK, it’s been emotional missing them. My mom is coming to stay with us soon and I’m SO excited – we’re incredibly close and there is just nothing else like having your mom at this time in your life, regardless of if you’ve done it before.

What’s the one thing you do or wear or focus on that makes you look and feel amazing? 

Eating real food that I’ve prepared myself, being active and having a positive outlook on life are all choices I have made and mostly stuck to over the years, and they have helped me to feel healthy, happy and confident in my own body. Our family loves being outside and exploring new places, and I focus on that adventurous aspect of our lives to shape my mood, boost my confidence and ultimately feel fulfilled. I’m most confident when I feel good in my body – and I feel good when I feel STRONG.

Amanda 1The end of pregnancy is difficult, and I can feel that I’m more tired and struggling to maintain our daily routine of long walks, classes, and the work I need to get done as part of my role in our businesses. Luckily my family is amazing, my husband is a huge source of love and support, and we’re getting the ultimate gift at the end of this! I definitely have my go-to beauty products that are low or zero waste and have clean ingredients, which my husband lovingly refers to as my ‘lotions and potions’ and it’s no joke that maintaining a beauty routine has helped me feel myself throughout both pregnancies! Taking care of myself is something I’ve always enjoyed, and if my boys want to face mask with me one day, they are more than welcome! 🙂