Baby2Body is the #1 app for mothers across the globe. We are there for women every day with the right guidance that helps them feel confident, more positive, able to take on challenges and supported in making the healthiest lifestyle choices from themselves and their baby.

We’ve created a global platform to deliver the Baby2Body experience to women everywhere. In order to help us spread our message, we’ve selected an incredible, diverse, and inspiring group of women from around the world with a genuine passion for empowering other women. Our Ambassadors champion the Baby2Body lifestyle – but we know that every mama on our platform is a fearsome female and we’re honored to have every single one of you in this amazing community.

Now, without further ado, we’d love to introduce the lovely ladies that make up our team of Baby2Body Ambassadors.

McKenzie Pinckney

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McKenzie is a true ashtangi that hails from the mountains of Utah, and has learned how to beautifully blend her yoga practice into pregnancy and now into her early weeks as a new mom. She’s a firm believer in the power of taking time for self-improvement and giving back to yourself – and we couldn’t agree more!

Learn more about McKenzie here and @kenzie.the.ashtangi.

Judit Sofi Szilvi Minda


Judit is a triplet who is expecting BBG triplets herself! Although she’s been recommended to reduce her activity levels due to the higher risk nature of a triplet pregnancy, she’s eager to get back to running, cross-country skiing, and strength training, and we’re thrilled to be on this ride with her (and her three little ones)!

Learn more about Judit here and @triplet_with_triplets.

Katrina Hausmann


Katrina is a stunning Nashville native with a background in nutrition and exercise physiology. She’s passionate about sharing the wins and struggles of her pregnancy journey and she’s all about that ‘mama intuition’ – and she wants you to be, too!

Learn more about Katrina here and @katrinahausmann.

Kaeli Lowe

Kaeli 1

Kaeli is a cool California mom with her second on the way, feeling less stressed about all the changes this time around and able to enjoy it all a bit more! She’s a big believer that a healthy mama means a healthy baby – and we’re so thrilled to have her help us spread that message.

Learn more about Kaeli here and @kaeli_lowe.

Jade Louise Hansle

Jade Louise 2

Jade is a Londoner and mum to two beautiful kiddos – you may recognize her lovely face from our Fitness Studio workout videos for pregnancy!

Learn more about Jade here and @everythingjadelouiseblog.

Tanya Haroun

Tanya 1

Tanya and her husband hail from Dubai, but having 3 nationalities and living all over the world – she’s a true citizen of the world. We’re so happy she came upon Baby2Body when looking for safe workout guidance, and now she’s excited to encourage other moms to stay fit through their pregnancies too.

Learn more about Tanya here and @ozzgurl.

Amy Mijoc


Amy is from a small Australian country town and a full-time mum – and we just can’t get over how precious this photo is. She’s all about supporting other women at this time in life, and eager to encourage getting active, staying healthy, and promoting mental wellbeing too.

Learn more about Amy here and @littlemamaamy.

Erica Rae Jenny

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Erica is a mega-babe from the Midwest and a mom to one handsome toddler. As you can see, this cute family is expecting their second next spring. As she embarks on a new venture of blogging about finding the work/life balance as a new mom with a busy career, she’s hoping to inspire and build meaningful connections with other women all over the world.

Learn more about Erica here and @ericaraejenny.

Courtney Harms

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Courtney is a California beauty and mom to an incredibly adorable baby girl. She’s a certified yoga teacher and is passionate about empowering women and debunking some of the old school ways of looking at pregnancy and motherhood. She wants all women to know they are resilient, strong, capable creatures! Preach!

Learn more about Courtney here and @courtneyleeyogini

Keeli Brown

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Keeli is a warrior in the world of finance and the world of fitness! While finance is her profession by day, her passion for health, fitness, and exercise is what really drives her. As a first time mom she’s learning how to balance her workouts to meet her changing body and energy levels and savoring every second of it.

Learn more about Keeli here and @workoutsbykeeli.

Stephanie Luck

Stephanie 1.jpg

Stephanie is an Australian mumma to two – as that gorgeous bump you see became her baby boy not long ago! She’s a major people person and loves to share her stories about the realness of motherhood – the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Learn more about Stephanie here and @stephluck.

Amanda Whittaker

Amanda 2.jpg

Amanda’s a soon to be mom of two, running her own business and living the entrepreneurial life between the UK and the US – you go girl! She’s a big believer in sharing good things with other people and is eager to give back and help other women get the most out of Baby2Body.

Learn more about Amanda here and @amandapanda_abracadabra.

Alyssa Colvin

Alyssa 1

Alyssa is a Southern California mama-to-be! She’s pregnant with her first – and we all know how nerve-wracking that first pregnancy can be – so she was relieved to find Baby2Body as a trusted support for working out during pregnancy (and we’re so glad she did)! Now she’s excited to share that with other first time moms too.

Learn more about Alyssa here and @alyssa.deanne.

Jenna Watts


Jenna is another Aussie mum who is focused on building a life she loves and one she and her husband can do with kids in tow – and to that we say, cheers! She’s expecting her first right now but a big family is in the plan for this super cute mama-to-be.

Learn more about Jenna here and @jennamwatts.

Brittany Dowdy

brittany 2

Brittany is a gorgeous Texas gal and pregnant with a little girl – her first! She was incredibly active before becoming pregnant and was determined to maintain her physical and mental health during pregnancy – and we’re so happy she found us. Now she’s eager to help every pregnant woman get access to this support.

Learn more about Brittany here and @brittanytdowdy.

Charlotte Le Noble

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Charlotte is a healthy living hustler who was born and raised in Paris, France but now resides in sunny, Southern California. She is so excited to be pregnant with her first child and she’s driven is to empower women to live a healthy, happy and free life.

Learn more about Charlotte here and @charlottepnoble.