Babes With Bumps & Babies: Meet Our Ambassadors

We’re so excited to introduce you to the amazing ladies that make up our team of Baby2Body Ambassadors. In order to help us spread the Baby2Body message we’ve selected an incredible, diverse, and inspiring group of women from around the world with a genuine passion for empowering other women. Our Ambassadors champion the Baby2Body lifestyle […]

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Keeping Baby Safe: 15 Best Car Seats This Year

We just checked in with our friends over at New York Family to bring you another round up of the best gear for your little one. The old adage of “safety first” rings especially true when picking out the right car seat for your baby or toddler. While industry standards ensure a baseline of safety […]

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How Eating Less Gluten Now Might Help Baby Later

While some wellness fads come and go, recent research has suggested that gluten-free diets might have something to them, especially when it comes to your baby’s long-term health. According to new research published in The BMJ, babies born to mothers who consume excessive amounts of gluten during pregnancy are at increased risk of developing diabetes […]

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