You’re Going To Love The Newest Updates To Our App

If you’re on our iOS app, you may have noticed that we just released a big update to your Baby2Body experience. We’ve addressed some of the top requests from our community over the past few months and introduced brand new features we know you’re going to love.

The biggest update from the latest release is an entirely redesigned home screen, making it even easier to access your recommended plans each week and track progress against your healthy living goals. If you’re already on our updated app you’ve probably noticed the most significant change: personalized progress rings displayed proudly on your home screen. These joyful little rings will keep you updated on how close you are to reaching your goals each week, and celebrate your achievements when you close them.

The progress rings aren’t just for show though, and here’s why: every recipe, workout, guided breathing, pelvic floor exercise, journal entry, or any other healthy habit you complete on the Baby2Body app has an impact on your health, your self-esteem, your quality of life, and of course, the health of your baby (or baby-to-be). There is value in every single healthy activity you make time for in your daily life, and we want you to be able to visualize that effort and celebrate the positive difference you’re creating for yourself and your family.

We’re also working to get smarter and learn more about how we can best support you on the app, and so every week we’ll see how you’re progressing against your goals and suggest modifications to help you feel your best and achieve goals that are suited to you.

Speaking of those goals and progress rings, we want to introduce you to exactly what you’ll find on our latest app update:

Your new movement goal

We want to celebrate every minute of movement during your TTC, pregnancy, or postpartum journey. The Fitness Studio is one of the most-loved sections of the app, and of course any workouts you complete on the app will count towards your movement goal. But we know that you’re also walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and doing all sorts of other movements outside of your Baby2Body app and that should count, too! Now, when you log exercises in your tracking section, that will count towards your movement goal as well.

How to set your movement goal
We‘ll prompt you to set your new movement goal as soon as you update your app, and you can modify it at any time through your Preferences section. You’ll set your goal as average minutes per day and we’ll convert this to a weekly goal for your progress rings.

Your new self-love goal

This new section is all about loving you. This may be the ultimate goal in all of our healthy living journeys because regularly practicing self-love can┬átranslate into more resilience, joy, compassion, gratitude, and grace for ourselves, no matter what life throws at us. And motherhood can throw a lot at us. We want to encourage you to dedicate time to self-love each week; whether that’s through guided breathing exercises, happiness hacks, gratitude practice, meditation, your new Self-Care Tool Kit with Lou, or anything that puts you more in touch with yourself and your needs. You’ll find these tools in your Zen Den each week, a quiet space that’s just for you.

How to set your self-love goal
We’ll prompt you to set your new self-love goal as soon as you update your app, and you can modify it at any time through your Preferences section. You’ll set your goal as average minutes per day and we’ll convert this to a weekly goal on your progress rings.

Your new nourishment goal

We believe that the food you eat should not only taste good but should also nourish you inside and out. We’ll never promote fad diets, detoxes, or one-size-fits-all way of healthy eating on here. We want to help you get the nutrients you need from foods you already love and find joy in nourishing yourself through our easy, customizable recipes and weekly meal plans. We want your Kitchen to be a place of inspiration and discovery, and anytime you make a recipe or follow a meal plan on our app (which we encourage you to put your own twist on!) we’ll count that towards your nourishment goal.

How to set your nourishment goal
Your nourishment goal is point-based and we’ll set an initial goal to get you started. Every week, we’ll adjust this to better suit you.

Your new healthy habit goal

The last, but certainly not the least, of your progress rings is for your healthy habits. All those little things you do on a regular basis become part of your daily routine and reinforce feeling healthier, happier, and more in love with your life. You’ll earn points for reading Daily Bites, doing pelvic floor exercises, adding to your journal, recording your water intake, logging your weight, and more! We know these are the small things you do every day but you deserve to see all that hard work you’re putting in because it really adds up!

How to set your healthy habits goal
Your healthy habits goal is point-based and we’ll set an initial goal to get you started. Every week, we’ll adjust this as necessary to better suit you. Activities that count towards your healthy habits goal can be found in the Check-in this week section of the home screen.

Everything else you love about the Baby2Body app is still there…

Your Daily Bites are still front and center on your home screen as we know these are a favorite among so many women on our app. We’ve updated the look a bit and reading your Daily Bites now contributes to your healthy habits goal.

At the bottom of your home screen in the Learn this week section, we’ve included all of the recommended reads and helpful hints to help you learn more about your specific stage of preconception, pregnancy, or postpartum.

Your Timeline can be accessed from the home screen as well, where you’ll be able to see your journal logs and all healthy activities completed week by week; your Bookmarks section is easy to access from the home screen, so you can keep saving down anything you love and want to come back to later.

And lastly, your Settings and all support functions can be found by tapping on your profile image in the top right corner of the home screen.

If you have questions or feedback on the new update or want to share what you’d like to see on the app next, please email us at We love hearing from you because it’s what helps us continue to improve your Baby2Body experience for women and mothers all over the world.


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