Baby2Body Loves: Maternity Leggings, Organic Skincare & Baby Accessories

Do you know what we love at Baby2Body? Anything that makes us feel good and adds joy to our lives. More than that, we love sharing all those new products with you, too!

Going forward, we’ll be sharing a Baby2Body Loves post every month to bring you the top 5 things we think you need to know about. From pregnancy must-haves to innovative baby products, to those items that a mama can’t do without; we’ll bring you the best of the best and share what our community is loving, too! We hope you find some great products and ideas to help you on your motherhood journey from brands that we know and trust.

Here’s what we’re loving in February of 2021:



At Baby2Body we’re always on the lookout for comfortable activewear that supports our bodies as they change through the motherhood journey. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about the maternity leggings and assorted legwear designs from Love Leggings. They are the perfect companion for pregnancy and beyond and made from the softest cotton for full coverage, long-lasting comfort, and uncompromising support, with an over-the-bump design encouraging free movement for both you and your baby. They come in sizes 6 – 28 (UK size) with tall and petite leg lengths to provide the best fit for every woman.

Dr. PawPaw Original Clear Balm

This multi-tasking product is a handbag essential. It has so many uses from soothing dry hands or elbows, cracked lips, and cuticles to smoothing eyebrows or frizzy hair. It repairs cuts, heals burns and prevents scarring, soothes sore irritated skin, and works on insect bites and blemishes. Many new mums also have it on hand for their babies as a nappy rash barrier cream or for minor skin conditions like rashes or eczema. It’s 100% natural, fragrance-free, and works well on sensitive skin. We challenge you to find another product that is quite so versatile and effective.

Snooze Shade

With warmer and sunnier weather on the horizon for many of us, we wanted to let you know about Snooze Shade – a range of sun and sleep shades for babies and toddlers. For parents it’s an essential item when you want to help keep your baby asleep on-the-go, establish healthy sleep habits and protect from UV. It is actually advised that babies under the age of 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight completely and they don’t need Vitamin D from the sun in those very early months as their skin is just too delicate. The Snooze Shade fits all prams and push-chairs and there is also a version for car seats and travel cots too.

Motherly Love

If there is ever a time when you need beautiful and lovingly created products that are natural, organic, and kind to your skin, it’s while you’re pregnant. That’s why we love the product range from Motherly Love, created by Jan Bastard, a former midwife of 40 years who is qualified in complementary therapies and aromatherapy. From the Down Below Perineum Massage Oil to the Tums & Boobs Stretch Mark Oil and the Due Date Pulse Point Oil made from grapefruit and rose, each product has been lovingly designed, thought through, and perfected.

Tickle Tots

While we all like to believe that we are doing everything possible to be environmentally friendly, the truth is that once you have a baby that can often be an afterthought as you work through disposable nappies and baby wipes on a daily basis. Well, that’s why we wanted to include the Tickle Tots All-in-One Reusable nappy on this list. It’s super easy to use and consists of a waterproof outer layer with a sewn-in absorbent core of bamboo fabric making them super slim for baby to wear. The absorbent core can be flipped inside out to speed up drying time and there is an additional pocket to add more bamboo boosters to increase the absorbency when required. In great colors and prints, this is an easy way to cut down on your disposable nappy usage. Suitable for birth to potty with rise-snaps on the front to adjust the size to fit your baby.

What products are you loving right now? Let us know in the comments below so we can review and share in a future Baby2Body Loves!


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