The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist: Must-Haves and Little Luxuries

So, you’re creeping up on your due date and the anticipation of finally meeting your little one is building — and struggling over what to pack for the hospital is probably the last thing you want to worry about.

Packing your hospital bag is one of those things that’s good to get done sooner than later so you’re not left scrambling when labor contractions start (remember, newborns don’t have a good concept of timing so they rarely arrive on their due date — last we checked it was less than 5%). Getting your hospital bag ready is actually an important part of the labor prep process because it’s a tangible thing that helps you feel prepared for the big day.

What’s the best way to pack your hospital bag?

There’s no right way to pack a hospital bag, so you don’t need to stress about getting it perfect. At the end of the day, all you’re really going to remember is holding your baby for the first time. Well, you may also remember that one really important thing your partner forgot to bring for you…

So, having the right stuff prepped ahead of time to help you — and your partner — get through the hours before baby arrives can be a game-changer; helping everyone involved feel a bit more relaxed and comfortable (and ready to have a baby!).

Everyone’s hospital bag packing list is going to look a little different, but to help you cover basics, we’ve got our complete hospital bag checklist to get you started.

The Complete Hospital Bag Checklist-3

Want to have this list on hand? You can download a PDF here!

What About Those Little Luxuries?

So, we’ve got the essentials (and more) covered above, but there some other items that will make you feel comfortable and keep you going even if your labor drags on.

A lot of these little luxuries are the things that you probably wouldn’t think of until you’re actually at the hospital, so we asked some of our Baby2Body Ambassadors what items they packed made a big difference during their birth experiences.

Moms Weigh In On Their Unexpected But Most-Loved Hospital Bag Items


“A Spotify playlist was amazing during labor, and a speaker if the hospital doesn’t provide one.”


“I took a comforter and was really glad I did. The hilarious part of [the hospital bag] is that I barely touched any of it. My son was taken to another hospital with a neonatal facility due to complications and I was released early to be with him. So my advice is don’t overpack, because your poor husband will have to tote everything for you and he’s going to be exhausted too. And just assume nothing on your birth plan will go accordingly. So it goes…”


“Take a kettle!”


“Essential oils, Earth Mama Perineal Spray, and travel toiletries and makeup samples.” We definitely agree with bringing sample size products so you can pack them ahead of time!


Because Judit gave birth to triplets, she stayed in the hospital for almost a month (and arrived with a suitcase!). She says that her most important items were her “hair dryer, shampoo, and conditioner as I can not stand going with unwashed hair for more than max 3 days!” She also had a waxing kit: “My sisters came to visit me in the hospital and provided me with cosmetic treatment… I had a huge belly and after the C-section and could not reach my legs so I needed help.” We’re always grateful for sisters (and sister-friends).


“Nipple balm, a nice hospital gown from Amazon, and a Bluetooth speaker!”


“I overpacked the first time! For the second kid, I packed in 20 minutes after my water had already broken,” says Amanda. The most important thing in her bag? “A loofah! So hubby could wash my back after enduring childbirth.”


“A nursing bra and pads… and snacks for dad!”


Courtney was in the hospital for 6 days because of an unexpected C-section, but she didn’t let it throw her. “Expect the unexpected and have faith!” she says. “A few good songs and a little essential oil can be amazing things to turn to as fatigue hits.”

Do you have any unexpected hospital bag must-haves that you’re planning on bringing to hospital or that you’ve brought before? Share them in the comments or post a photo to your Instagram and tag us @baby2bodyofficial for a chance to be reposted!

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