“This Is Your Pregnancy.” Real Mamas Share Their Stories & Advice

This January, we launched our #ShapeMyPregnancy campaign. We wanted your voices to be front and center, and you stepped up to the challenge.

We’ve loved hearing your stories all month long, and we’re excited to let you know that #ShapeMyPregnancy will become Baby2Body’s central focus for 2021–so you will see us talking about across everything that we do. Why? Because we want you to take control of your pregnancy, own it, and have the tools to feel empowered to do so.

Throughout the year we want you to share with us elements of your journey… how you’ve been exercising, new things you’ve been eating, how you feel about your changing body, your struggles and how you’ve overcome them, and we’ll be featuring these cross our channels to encourage other women to do the same.

We asked our global tribe of women on Instagram how they shaped their pregnancies, and they shared some valuable words of wisdom that we couldn’t keep to ourselves. Here’s what you said:

You shaped your pregnancy in ways that were uniquely yours.

I was very active during pregnancy and ate healthy with a few indulgences!

I walked every other day 20 minutes, and I ate a lot of fruit.

Working out, even just yoga, gave me such a breath of fresh air.

Pregnancy forced me to slow down, making me way less stressed than usual.

But pregnancy isn’t always easy, and you went through unexpected challenges.

Hyperemesis drove all of my health and fitness decisions.

My first trimester was brutal, and that threw me off. I’m a healthy person but I couldn’t bear to eat well.

Nausesa limited my time. Now my belly, sciatica, and acid reflux call the shots.

You focused on the positives, and appreciated the things you loved about your changing body.

I loved thought of carrying another human being, a little piece of me.

I actually loved the weight gain because I’ve always been petite!

My tummy! Absolutely loved my growing bump.

I have a different kind of confidence with a bump. The confidence to wear a dress which I NEVER had before.

I was amazed at how my body changed to accomodate my body.

I loved that my body was capable of stretching and making room for my bundle of joy.

And you shared advice you’ve picked up along the way.

Enjoy every single moment, no matter how tired you are.

Listen to advice, but don’t take the advice. Their pregnancy is not your pregnancy.

Do what you can and if it hurts, find something else to do. Treat your body with love.

Enjoy those kicks while you can!

Take each day as it comes. You can’t let worries for tomorrow ruin the happiness of today.

Be kind to yourself, always.

We can’t think of a better teacher than motherhood itself, and even if we’re not always the best students, we sure are doing our best. We’re so thankful to have you all in this incredible community, a space where you can learn from each other and teach other as we navigate this motherhood ride together.

We would love to know how you shaped your pregnancy, and hear the advice you would give other women who are starting their journey to motherhood. Join the conversation over on our Instagram, and share your story and pictures using the hashtag #ShapeMyPregnancy.


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