My Pregnancy, My Way: Real Baby2Body Mamas Share Their Stories

Your pregnancy means that you’re in charge–sounds simple, right? Taking charge of your pregnancy and your health is something that intimidates most women, so if you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone.

With a myriad of myths about exercise harming your baby, wives tales about what you should and shouldn’t eat, and plenty of unsolicited advice from well-meaning realties… it’s no wonder pregnancy is a stressful time. So this year, we’re giving you permission to live your pregnancy, your way.

Rather than us telling you how to Shape Your Pregnancy, we want to put the power in your hands. This January, we’re launching the Shape My Pregnancy campaign, and we want your voices to be front and center.

This will become Baby2Body’s central focus for 2021, and you will see us talking about #ShapeMyPregnancy across everything that we do. Why? Because we want you to take control of your pregnancy, own it, and have the tools to feel empowered to do so.

Shape My Pregnancy is all about you and your unique journey–so we asked our Ambassadors how they shaped their pregnancies. Here’s what they said.


California, USA

I was considered a high risk pregnancy because of my prior miscarriages. I wasn’t unhealthy, I didn’t feel sick in anyway: I had pain just like any other pregnant mama, but overall, I felt great.

I was cleared to work out like I usually do and I was okayed to continue my fun yoga poses. However, all my friends constantly fought with me about putting myself at risk whenever I worked out. I know they only had my baby’s best interest at heart but they were very misinformed about what was okay & not okay during pregnancy. 


Illinois, USA

I was an endurance runner prior to getting pregnant. Since I knew that I wanted to continue running through pregnancy, I never stopped. At my 8-week doctor’s appointment, my OB told me that I was safe to continue running as long as I didn’t push myself too hard and listened to my body. 

The first trimester was the hardest. Even though I had terrible morning sickness, I felt better when exercising. I ran the Chicago Marathon at 18 weeks pregnant, when my belly was just starting to “pop”.

I started getting stabbing round ligament pain around week 20. As I progressed, I could barely run a block without grabbing my side. I knew I wasn’t hurting my baby, but it wasn’t worth running through the pain. I’m so glad I found the Baby2Body app, because I could do those exercises until my due date!



Being a professional dancer, my lifestyle was already all about taking care of myself. I cook my own food and try to buy food locally and seasonally (except bananas, avocado and mango, can’t resist those!).

I did workout all the way until the end of pregnancy. I used Baby2Body app, walks with my dogs, and dancing of course–I recommend dance to everyone, put on some music that moves you and go!

Try to find a workout that fits you, the one you like. Take you time, try to embrace your new body first and give yourself time before jumping into a workout schedule again–butut the most important advice is to do things that make you happy.



When I learned that I was pregnant, I avoided eating unhealthy food. As much as possible I tried to eat vegetables–which I didn’t do much before!

I also became more active. I do a workouts 6 days a week.

After I gave birth to my son I felt sad, anxious, frustrated, tired and overwhelmed. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, but with the help of my family, husband and friends, connecting to other new moms with same situation as mine, getting rest, doing things that I love and having time for myself I was able to cope with the depression.



Being pregnant has been the most magical, beautiful, powerful but at the same time hardest experience of my life! Second trimester was definitely the best for me: my energy was back, my morning sickness went away, and I started feeling my baby boy and my bump was out.

As a person that was living a pregnancy after loss, I have to say that mentally it was a challenge. Fighting the thoughts that something was wrong with my baby and changing them for positive affirmations, telling my husband and my doctor my worries, and having a good support system helped me go through all the difficult moments, and it helped my fight all the anxiety that I felt sometimes.

Join us from January onwards and join our #ShapeMyPregnancy mission


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