Our Holiday Gift Guide With a Mindful Twist

What. A. Year…!

Ah, 2020. The longest year in history has challenged us in every way possible, and we’re sure all you mamas out there feel the same way. As we approach the holiday season, we can’t help feeling a little jaded by all the usual Christmas adverts, bright lights, and festivities.

Not because we don’t love the holiday spirit–and in a way are desperately in need of it–but because this year many of us have experienced extreme worry or stress, grief, financial difficulties, job losses and more. It makes it all the materialism seem a little trivial.

This year, we felt a desire to make our gift giving and decorations a little more mindful.

So rather than the usual list of luxuries, we’ve put together a 2020 Holiday Gift guide that’s a little different from the norm. We’ve asked our Baby2Body experts to give us their gift ideas that are inexpensive, environmentally-friendly, directly supportive to wellbeing, health-based, community-driven..or simply creative and fun!

We hope you love them as much as we do, and that they give you inspiration for a truly mindful and happy holiday this year.

Mindful Holiday Gifts that Make a Difference

Laura, Pre & Postnatal Trainer

  • A voucher for online yoga or personal training.
  • A fresh flowers subscription – we love Freddie’s Flowers.
  • A goodie box of loose leaf tea from PhilanthroTEA (20% of their profits go to helping various charities)

Becki, Pre & Postnatal Trainer

  • A lovely, bright print or quote from an online seller – there is so much to be happy about in life, so starting your day by seeing a bright and happy quote can really make a difference and set you up for a positive mindset all day!
  • Positive affirmation post cards – reading a positive affirmation always helps you see some light so why not spread the love by sending to a friend or loved one to brighten their day too!

Ellie, Yoga Instructor

  • A ‘mindfulness box’ containing a candle, some essential oils and a good book to accompany a relaxing bath.
  • A subscription to Audible/Calm app/Headspace app to help switch off.
  • For years, my Grandma’s sister has ‘given’ us gifts from Oxfam – she makes the donation, and we receive a card saying ‘this year, you’ve given a family enough food to feed them for a week, or mosquito nets’. We used to sniff at them a bit, but I now totally respect that she was simply ahead of the curve!
  • A gift made from clothes you were going to throw out – a cushion cover, a scrunchie or a reusable facemask (very current!).
  • A book you read this year that has in some way helped you, with a written note inside the cover.
  • A promise to go out for coffee (your treat) as soon as we are allowed to mingle again.
  • A unique Spotify playlist – the modern version of giving someone a mixtape!

Melinda, Baby2Body Founder, Pre & Postnatal Trainer, Sports Psychologist

  • Bake some brownies, banana cake or cookies and wrap them in bags or boxes tied up with ribbon. I love doing this with Honey Cake as its delicious and lasts for a while too.
  • Make your own bath salts – add lavender oil to epsom bath salts and then fill glass jars and tie with ribbon and a note encouraging the receiver to rest and relax this holiday.
  • Spray paint old Christmas decorations to revive them for your own tree or gift them to loved ones for theirs.
  • Dry slices of orange and lemon in the oven and then add them to bags or gift boxes to gift to friends or family so they can enjoy the delicious citrus scent in their homes.

Emma, Nutritionist

  • Homemade Recipe Booklet – pick 10 of your favourite delicious recipes and create your own little recipe booklet to send to loved ones. It’s a great way to share some healthy cooking inspiration and to give something personal and meaningful that anyone will love. Use your own recipes or ones you found elsewhere and get creative with the design of your booklet, try handwriting it or adding illustrations for a personal touch.
  • Homemade Baking Kits – fill glass jars with all of the dry ingredients for something yummy like oatmeal raisin cookies or energy balls. Layer the ingredients up and write a little tag with instructions and the remaining ingredients and tie to the jar with a ribbon. A thoughtful and easy gift to give to anyone!

Rebecca, Sleep Consultant

Since I work with babies and children, I know that many families will have been away from their loved ones for a great deal of time this year. It has been so tough, especially on the sleep deprived parents I work with. So a mindful gift idea could be a framed photo for that family member to cherish (I’m a big fan of keeping it eco friendly to think of the future planet for our children too!)

And of course, you can never go wrong with the gift of a Baby2Body Premium subscription! Our app is now available for both iOS and Android, so it’s accessible to every woman with a smartphone! Try it out today in the App Store or Google Play Store.


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