Turkey Trot Cancelled? Have an Active Thanksgiving with 5 Fun Alternatives

We’ll start with a disclaimer for our non-US mamas: Turkey Trots are generally 5K road races that bring local communities together to run (or walk!) for a greater good, typically donating all proceeds to food banks and other charities. These family-friendly events are typically held on the morning of Thanksgiving so we can all get a little exercise in before our festive feasts commence, hence the name, “Turkey Trot”.

However, like so many community-based events that bring friends, families, and neighbors together, many Turkey Trots have been canceled this year in effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We know that for many of you celebrating Thanksgiving, your homes might look a little different tomorrow, too. There might be fewer faces sitting around the table, but we hope your hearts stay connected with loved ones all the same. We’ve found that a little bit of ingenuity, a dash of determination, and a lot of FaceTime can help you work around travel and gathering restrictions this time of year.

In an effort to keep some of these fun holiday traditions alive–and of course staying on brand with our Baby2Body mission–we wanted to put together our top 5 Turkey Trot alternatives to get the whole family moving. Of course, these go for all families all over the world this holiday season. We hope you enjoy a bit of extra time together, and partaking in some good old fashioned physical activity as a family.

5 Family-Friendly Activities To Try If Your Turkey Trot Was Canceled

1. Take a Zoom Yoga Class with your Extended Family

This is particularly great if you have a yogi in the family or a good friend who can lead a class that your extended family can all video conference into. It’s a great way to feel like you’re all together and share in the calming and grounding benefits that yoga brings. If you’re not blessed with a yogi in the fam, check out Ellie’s yoga flows in the Baby2Body App instead!

2. Do Our 10-Minute (Kid-Friendly) Family Workout

We put this quick, at-home workout together earlier this year and it’s safe for even the littlest of kids. But don’t be fooled by “kid-friendly”, that doesn’t mean it will be an easy workout for you! We recommend completing the circuit a few times, mama. You’ll have fun with it but you’ll definitely break a sweat!

Check it out here.

3. Hold A Virtual Turkey Trot!

If you’re an avid runner and the Turkey Trot is really your thing on Thanksgiving morning–you can still get out there! Hold a virtual race with family and friends, or lace up and run with whomever you’re isolating with. There are so many great platforms that allow you to run virtually run with other people, so you can still make a race out of it! We’re personally fans of Strava, Nike+ Run Club, and Runkeeper.

4. Create A Backyard Obstacle Course

If you’re fortunate enough to have some outdoor space at home–and if you’re feeling especially creative–we love a little family obstacle course to start off Thanksgiving festivities! Nothing like a little competition to build up your appetite. Have a few stations with different activities to complete and then time everyone in your family to see who can finish it the fastest (points added for form and flair)!

5. Make A Donation To A Local Charity

Trot yourself down to your local food pantry, shelter, or another charitable organization to donate food or goods this holiday season. That’s really what it’s all about, and we don’t need organized events to remind us the value and importance of giving.

We’d love to know how you’re getting creative with canceled or changed plans this holiday season. Let us know your plans in the comments below or if you give any of these Turkey Trot alternatives a try!


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