How To Make Your Home Cozier & More Comforting During Lockdown

Hey mama, how are you doing?

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and we don’t need to list it all here, because we know you know what’s up. But we do want to take a moment for a collective deep breath…. In…. and out…. OK, that feels a little better. Let’s carry on.

With new global surges in COVID-19 and lockdowns being a renewed reality for some of us, we wanted to bring up the topic of home. A place that should feel like a comforting and safe oasis may be starting to feel (again) like a box we’ve been trapped in for too long. But as we enter into the holiday season, we want to help your home feel like the cozy, safe space that it should be for you and your family.

So, all of us on the Baby2Body team put forward our best tips for how we’re making home feel as good as possible (and not another source of stress), and we want to share them with you.

9 Tips for Making Your Home A Cozier, Happier Space

1. Go Big on Blankets

We live by the rule of: you can never have too many blankets. Moving into the winter season with the potential of longer-term lockdowns means lots of movie nights on the sofa, or cozying up with a good book. There’s something so comforting about wrapping yourself in a big blanket to soothe external stressors. This weighted blanket from Bearaby is a team favorite.

2. Warm Up Your Lighting

Swapping out your lightbulbs with warmer-toned LED bulbs can instantly change the atmosphere of a room (while saving on energy bills!). You might want to consider it for your bedroom or a den where moodier lighting could work well. Bulbs with Kelvin temperatures between 2,000 and 3,500 give off that warmer white look (the lower the number, the warmer the light).

*This one definitely comes down to personal preference!

3. Burn Your Favorite Candle

Candles can definitely help create a cozy glow and throw off a comforting flicker of light, but picking one with the right smell is even more important. You probably know from personal experience that familiar odors can trigger memories and feelings of nostalgia, and beyond that, scientists are continuing to explore how pleasant odors can reduce our perceived stress and anxiety response.

4. Rearrange Your Furniture

We’ve all been home so much over the past 8 months, that our stuff can start to feel really… stale. You don’t have to go out and buy new things to help freshen things up, as simply moving around your furniture can drastically change a space. Make this a family activity where you use your creativity to switch up the most commonly used rooms in your home. You’ll be surprised by home much of a difference it can make.

5. Have Fun with Wall Art

Art has an amazing way of defining a space and adding personality to your home. If you don’t have a lot of art on your walls, try experimenting with a few pieces that speak to you. And we’re not talking anything fancy! Simple prints or family photos can make a house a home. If you’re already a wall art aficionado, then try swapping out pieces to different parts of your home to mix things up.

6. Plants, Plants, Plants

OK, we live by another rule: you can never have too many plants. If real plants feel like too much of a commitment, go for the fake ones. Greenery has such a powerful way of bringing life and happiness into a space (and the real ones can even help with air purification, too!). If you’re really extra (like us…) and have more plants than you have window sill space, get a narrow console table that fits perfectly under your window, and fill that with plants. And here’s a pro tip on the most cost-effective way to add more flora to your home: propagate your existing plants for simple, thoughtful holiday gifts, and ask your friends and family to do the same!

7. Give A Cafe Vibe To Your Kitchen

Since most of us can’t go to coffee shops to sit and work or hang out anymore, why not bring the cozy cafe vibe to your home? Put your favorite varieties of tea in jars, buy your favorite brand of coffee beans, get a milk frother, and design a dedicated space for your coffee maker or tea kettle. Make a ritual out of your morning beverage, and treat yourself to your own in-home cafe experience.

8. Bust Out Your Books

Take a look at your bookshelf and grab your go-to favorites, pull out some feel-good reads you have in storage, or shop (safely) at a local bookstore and pick up new titles that catch your eye. Place those paperbacks strategically around your home so that they’re easily accessible during downtimes. We usually regret doom-scrolling, but never regret reading a great book.

9. Declutter & Donate

Clutter fatigue is a very real thing, and when you’re in your home constantly, you start noticing all the stuff you have. If you find that the things in your home increase your stress levels, take a weekend to mindfully declutter and simplify your spaces. Then, if you’re able to, dontate those things to charities or organizations that can provide goods for families that might be more in need at this time.

We’d love to know how you’re coping with all that’s going on, and how you’re creating safe, happy spaces in your life. Please share in the comments below!


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