It’s Here! Series 1 of The Body Brief Podcast is Live

Our mission at Baby2Body has always been to bring your the latest relevant info to aid you in your fertility and motherhood journey–and that means we work with a lot of leading industry experts behind the scenes.

We’re lucky enough to have the privilege of speaking to some incredible individuals… and we decided that you all should have an opportunity to listen in. So at long last, we’re launching a podcast–hosted by our very own Melinda Nicci–that enables you to listen first-hand to information and insights from experts in the fields of fertility, prenatal, and postnatal health.

After spending several months hard at work recording conversations with some of our favorite experts, we’re thrilled to announce that The Body Brief is now live with our first series!

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Hosted by our Founder and CEO, Melinda Nicci, who has 25 years experience across female physical and psychological fitness and nutrition for women, the series features experts from around the world who share their insight, experience and knowledge on all topics surrounding female reproductive and post reproductive health.

Prepare to be empowered with real, evidenced-based facts, to learn about your body and understand the science behind female health in a concise, easy to digest form. From postpartum anxiety and depression, the importance of diet in the pre-conception period, menopause and the female brain, hormone havoc, baby feeding and nutrition, sleep and mental fitness, The Body Brief tackles everything you want, and need, to know from everyday issues to unspoken topics and new findings related to reproductive wellbeing.

This is your opportunity to stop, listen and learn to optimise your health for pregnancy, baby and beyond. Check out Series 1 episodes below:

Episode1: “We are what our mothers ate”… Dr Karen Morton discusses the importance of the maternal diet and the impact on our children’s health and development

Many women do not know that their diet before they are even pregnant will have an affect on their child’s development during pregnancy and their child’s health after they are born. Dr Karen Morton discusses the importance of a healthy diet and what that means. Click here to listen.

Episode 2: “Wow, you’re huge!”… Connie Simmonds chats about how to handle the physical and psychological changes of pregnancy and postpartum.

“A lot of people focus on the baby so much that they really just forget themselves. And they forget that actually they’ve gone through something quite transformational, physically and emotionally and mentally.” If you’ve had children you’ll understand why Connie Simmonds is on a mission to help women who are struggling with their weight and body image post-pregnancy. For anyone struggling at the moment, this is a really insightful episode, raw, honest and open. Click here to listen.

Episode 3: “Your brain uses 20% of your energy every single day”… Dan Murray Serter discusses the importance of brain health and how nutrition can help you take better care of this vital organ, improving everything from sleepless nights to baby brain.

Discover the role that nutrition plays in your mental health, the 4 things that your brain needs to thrive, and how your brain changes with pregnancy and postpartum with Dan Murray-Serter. Prepare to learn why you should focus on the health of your brain and what you need to do in order to optimise the health of it. Click here to listen.

Episode 4: “Your dentist might know you’re pregnant before you do…” find out why, and more on the importance of oral health for women, with renowned dentist Linda Greenwall.

Did you know that your oral health is a reflection of your overall health, and that your dentist can often tell if you’re pregnant before you even know about it? Discover this and many more valuable tips and anecdotes from inspiring dentist and mother-of-four Linda Greenwall. Click here to listen.

Episode 5: “One size doesn’t fit all and one solution doesn’t fit all”, Melissa Snover discusses the benefits of personalised supplementation, particularly during TTC, pregnancy and postpartum.

Have you ever wondered exactly what is in the vitamins that you take? Are they right for you and is there a better way to supplement your diet? In this episode, Melissa Snover, founder of Nourished, a 3D printing company that produces personalised supplements in the form of a gummy, tells us exactly why we should pay closer attention to what we take and that there is a better option. Click here to listen.

Episode 6: “Over 90% of us are using less than 50% of our breathing capacity”, Amrita Das shows us how breathwork can change your life for the better.

We all do it every single day, yet many of us pay no particular attention to exactly how we’re doing it and whether we’re doing it properly. The power of breathing is a new concept to many of us which is why we’re delighted to have breathwork and wellbeing expert, Amrita Das, on this episode to explain the many ways and areas of your life it can benefit and importantly how to do it. Click here to listen.

Three more exciting episodes will be revealed soon… follow us over on Instagram for updates on when new episodes go live.


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