Meet the Ambassadors: Irish, Taryn, and Asha

Meet Irish, Taryn, and Asha! These lovely ladies are recent additions to our Ambassador squad, and they’re very eager to help us spread the Baby2Body message and empower women all over the world to live healthier, happier lives.

You may have already seen these new mamas pop up on our Instagram, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of them on our feed…so let’s get to know their passions, hobbies, guilty pleasures, and why they love Baby2Body!



New mama Irish loves cardio workouts, listening to music, and getting massages from her husband! Although she didn’t really workout much before pregnancy, Irish prioritized workouts during pregnancy, and finds that the app helps her stay on track.

Her guilty pleasure: eating 6 slices of pizza!

Irish says: “If you are struggling during your pregnancy don’t stress yourself too much because it will also stress your baby. Make sure to seek an advice from your doctor and eat healthy food. If you can still do workouts, do it as it really helps.”


Michigan, USA

One of Taryn’s favourite activities during pregnancy was yoga. Taryn found the app gave her the motivation to exercise during pregnancy, especially when she wasn’t feeling 100%. Working out allows Taryn to release stress, gives her energy and makes her a happier wife and momma.

Her guilty pleasure: chocolate!

Taryn says: “My pregnancy was so hard on me physically and emotionally. Take it one day at a time. It’s okay if you need to do less than what you’re used to. Try to prioritize healthy eating and fitness- you will thank yourself during and after birth.”



Asha enjoys mixing up her workouts with HIIT, barre, and yoga. She loves going on walks around her neighborhood with her baby in a carrier and finds that it really helps her to unwind!

Her weirdest pregnancy craving: pickles on cheese.

Asha says: the app has “such great content – a nice reminder to focus on my whole health!” Her advice for any pregnant or new mama struggling is to “be gentle with herself!”

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