Meet The New Ambassadors: Victoria, Misha, and Andra

We have a new crew of Ambassadors that we’re excited for you to meet! Victoria, Misha, and Andra are all new mamas who have recently joined our Ambassador program, and they’re eager to help us to spread the Baby2Body message and empower women all over the world to live healthier, happier lives.

You may have seen these lovely ladies pop up on our Instagram already and you’ll be seeing a lot more of them… so let’s get to know them, their passions, hobbies, guilty pleasures and why they love the app!


@vivivictorious Toronto, Canada

New mama Victoria loves Pilates, yoga, and Barre as it helps her feel good and keep up with her son! Her favorite way to unwind is with a glass of wine and cuddles with her dog, baby, and husband.

Her advice for those struggling through pregnancy: “Practice diaphragm breathing when you really need to relax. Your body is amazing and you’re going to make the best mom. We’re all in this crazy and wonderful mamahood together!”


@askformisha Toronto, Canada

Health & fitness are top priorities for Misha as she finds it so important in maintaining mental well-being, as well as keeping her feeling strong and beautiful.

She says about her postpartum journey, “Your body goes through so much during pregnancy and in postpartum it’s just not how it was before. Getting a great work out in and eating right just helps me feel comfortable in my skin again.”

Her weirdest pregnancy craving: chicken wings!


@andra.camenic Portugal, Spain

Andra is a big fan of strength workouts and loved the ease of accessing the workout routines in the Baby2Body app (and especially the pelvic floor exercises)!

Her guilty pleasure is salted caramel ice cream (um, yum) and balances that sweet tooth with regular exercise of course. Her advice, “Exercise can improve both our physical and mental health and I believe that is the first step in being the best mom for our babies.”

Want to meet the rest of our Ambassadors? The gang’s all here!


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