Moms Share How They’re Finding Silver Linings in Tough Times

We’re somewhere right around 50 days. 50 days of lockdown living, of working from home, of getting creative in the kitchen, and ultimately trying to stay sane.

It’s been hard. Really, really hard. When we reached out to our Baby2Body fam to ask how you were doing, we heard a lot of this:

“I get so overwhelmed whenever I spend too much time reading or watching the news”


“We’re a super active family, and it hasn’t been easy adjusting to a confined space”


“Blocking out time to work uninterrupted has been almost impossible with a baby in the house”


“Motherhood was never meant to be isolating”


But wait… because we heard a lot of this too:

“There is something so nice about these long days at home with my husband and son…”


“This break from busy reality and social distancing has actually been peaceful”


“Where else in my life would I get 3 weeks to spend day in and day out with my little one?”


“There are some silver linings to this situation”


And that got us thinking about how as human beings we are innately driven to find balance; to seek out the good especially when times are tough, to build our resilience, and make it to the other side.

The timing of it all feels fitting, as we’re in the middle of Maternal Mental Health Awareness week and maternal mental health is nothing if not a balancing act. Being a mom brings us to our highest highs, and our lowest lows, sometimes in the span of 15 minutes. Maintaining good mental health as a mother is really about navigating the balance between the hard times and the good.

Right now, our ability to find that balance is being tested more than ever. We’re all searching for that middle ground between the tough and tender, and if we’re able to do so then we might not just survive this pandemic, but thrive through it.

We know there are a lot of hard things you’re moving through right now. Likely more so than ever before. But we also hope you’re finding some of the good in whatever your situation may be. Before we go, we’re sharing some stories from our Baby2Body mamas on what they’re struggling with right now, and what’s giving them strength to get through it — in hopes it might help you find your silver linings, too:

Sabrina, California

Something I’m struggling with:
The hardest part about this virus, other than it keeping my husband overseas on his deployment, is that my son isn’t old enough to understand what is going on, why he can’t play with other children and I can’t figure out how to explain it to him.

Something giving me strength:
I wake up everyday at 5am to have my morning coffee and just get some time for myself. Being home all the time has also helped me discover my inner chef. I’ve been trying new healthy recipes and taking more time in the plates I prepare for my son.


Jenna, Australia

Something I’m struggling with:
I’m trying really hard to look at the big picture and not get bogged down in the unknown territory of “when will this be over?”. I’d love to drive to the beach, hug my family and friends, celebrate my birthday with loved ones… It all weighs me down.

Something giving me strength:
When else would I ever get the chance to have my husband at home to play with our son more than ever before? When else would I have the time to cook such nourishing food every night? When else do I get to take guilt-free naps, avoid quotes, not sit in traffic, read a book, and just watch time go by? That’s what I’m trying to focus on.


Casey, Florida

Something I’m struggling with:
Not being able to see my close family, and to share my new baby with them. It is so heartbreaking and definitely is on my mind on a daily basis! But thank goodness for FaceTime.

Something giving me strength:
Remembering that time will heal all, and soon enough this too shall pass. We just have to be strong for our loved ones and each other through this!


Tanya, Dubai

Something I’m struggling with:
Our day routine has been jumbled as we’re now not able to leave the house at all. I’ve been struggling with getting educational time in for my little one, and just don’t feel qualified for the sensory edutainment activities I should do with him, and it’s frustrating for the two of us.

Something giving me strength:
I’m just grateful we have a balcony that I can fit two blow up pools on for him to go nuts in the water, and a space to explore with paint. I get to do my workouts, enjoy some sun, and spend a bit of time for myself while he naps, too.


Charlotte, California

Something I’m struggling with:
Seeing every day all the people who don’t take this crisis seriously, and going outside to be with friends just because it’s sunny, putting vulnerable people at risk. It makes me sad, angry and helpless, and the constant media stories are driving me crazy too…

Something giving me strength:
I’m trying to be the happiest person I can for my family so we can all flow in joy during this crisis. I’ve been doing that by limiting my media intake to 20 minutes a day, exercising daily, focusing on getting good sleep at night, trying to meditate a bit each day (though I do find that difficult!), and doing one random act of kindness every day.


Brie, Singapore

Something I’m struggling with:
I live in a different country from my family, so I’m used to doing video calls with them daily. But now that I can only see my friends here (my Singapore family!) on video too is a little hard.

Something giving me strength:
My husband is home now and I’m so happy about that. We get to cook together, dance, work, play games and spend time one on one with no interruptions before our baby girl arrives!


Alissa, Missouri

Something I’m struggling with:
I mean, coronavirus! It’s making it difficult to celebrate our new baby with family and friends. We’ve had to rely on FaceTime and pictures, and it’s just especially sad since he is the first grand baby on my side of the family. We are just ready for this pandemic to end!

Something giving me strength:
My husband. He’s been my rock throughout all of this. Helping me get sleep, navigate breastfeeding, and showing so much love to both myself and his newborn son.


As always, we’d love to hear from you. Yes, you mama. What are you struggling with most right now? What is giving you strength? Share your stories with us — and each other — in the comments below, and be sure to follow along on our Instagram channel (@baby2bodyofficial) this week for all things #maternalmentalhealth.


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