The Newest Baby2Body Ambassadors: Sabrina, Brie, Cara & Reandi

Recognize any of these faces? You may have seen some of these gorgeous ladies on our Instagram recently… so let’s get to know them!

And don’t worry — if you’re interested in being an ambassador, we’re still accepting applications on a rolling basis, because we’re always looking to grow this amazing group of women. If you want to be considered, take 5-10 minutes and fill out this survey so we can get to know you a little better.

Are you ready? Let’s meet the four newest Ambassadors!


California | Pregnant & mom of one

You’ve probably seen some of Sabrina’s impressive yoga poses on our Instagram–she’s incredible! She loves that yoga helps ease some pregnancy discomfort and gives her an outlet to practice and learn new poses. This mama of one toddler loves to wake up a few hours early to fit in her “me time” as it sets her up for a great day.


Singapore | Pregnant

As a first-time expecting mama, Brie has slowed down her boxing routine with Baby2Body workouts, but loves staying fit and active. She’s been craving Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and spaghetti bolognese (not at the same time!) and loves spending a night in with her husband cooking, listening to soul music, and dancing!


Alberta | Pregnant

Cara is pregnant with her first baby (a boy!) and is passionate about non-toxic hair and skincare. She loves upper body workouts, and is inspired to build strong arms to hold her little one later this summer. She’s been spending her free time binge watching The Office, and loves to relax with a bath, a good book, and a glass of wine (which she’s looking forward to in a few months!).


South Africa | Mom of one

As a working mama, she finds it hard to leave her little one all day, but cherishes their time together when she gets home–and her baby’s laughter is her most powerful relaxation tool. She loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and is a big fan of running: it’s a “reset” button that gives her renewed energy and peace of mind.

Want to meet the rest of our Ambassadors? The gang’s all here!


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