Craving A Spring Wardrobe Refresh? Check Out 7 Looks We’re Loving

Alright, we know you’re not going out on the town anytime soon and everyone is rightly sticking to only the essentials as we navigate these trying times together. That said, it is springtime and the flowers are popping, trees are blooming, the sun is getting warmer and a girl can still dream about a little wardrobe refresh, right?

We’ve been having the same thoughts, too. And it’s not a frivolous thing, because 1) even doing some online browsing for new clothes helps things feel somewhat normal, and we’re all due for some of that; and 2) clothes have a powerful way of modifying our moods and how we feel about ourselves, and we could all use a mood booster.

Now we know clothes shopping during a pandemic is a whole other issue, and there are some important things to consider. In fact, there’s a great article on that discusses this exact topping (answering questions of is it safe and/or ethical) and we definitely recommend giving it a read.

But as you probably surmised from the title, we have rounded up some of our favorite bump-friendly spring styles that prioritize casual comfort (for necessity) while adding in feminine flair (for fun). What we won’t do is tell you whether you should or shouldn’t be shopping for clothes right now — that decision is up to you. But at the very least a little window shopping (or shall we say screen shopping?) never hurt anyone. ; )

7 Spring Looks We’re Loving

For The ‘Things Are Normal’ Feminine Vibe That You Want

Long cut blouses in fresh palettes

Maternity jeans you’ll actually want to wear

Dresses to make you feel like the goddess you are

For The ‘Let’s Stay Comfy Casual’ Vibe That You Need

Leggings: For lounging, exercising, and nailing the faux-leather look

Stylish sweatshirts to snuggle up in

Buttery-soft joggers when regular pants won’t do

The pajamas of your dreams

We’d love to hear your thoughts on shopping for clothes during this unprecedented pandemic. Are you picking a few lounge items up? Are you refraining from any extraneous purchasing? Have you snagged a spring dress on sale to wear around your house? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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