A 10-Minute At-Home Workout (That Your Kids Can Do Too!)

We know so many of you are keeping up on your fitness routine by working out with the Baby2Body app, and that’s what we’re here for! We love seeing your exercise completion pictures all over Instagram — so keep sharing and give us a tag so we can repost.

So many of you have also reached out asking for ideas on how to keep kids busy and get their energy out safely, while so many of us are limiting our time outside. We know the workouts in app might not be best suited for little ones to join in on, so we’ve put together a quick workout your whole family can do together, kids definitely included!

Let us know if you give this one a try and if you’re able to get your kids to join as well! The below workout is safe for children (recommended they don’t use any equipment, and up to your discretion) and for all stages of pregnancy as well (with a few modifications mentioned).

10-Step Workout You Can Do With Your Kids

Do each move for 60 seconds. If you’re all up for more, repeat the workout in reverse!

1. Windmill Arms

A safe way to warm up — just make sure you all have enough space…

2. Karate Kicks

Remind your kids to focus on balance as you warm up your legs!

3. Fliers

A traditional chest fly — you can do this with hand weights, but we recommend no weights or light toys for small children.

4. Frog Hops

These are really just squat hops — but the name makes it a bit more fun for little ones. For later stages of pregnancy, just do regular squats without the hop.

5. Double Punch

A safe way for all of us to get frustration out, right? Again, no weights needed for kids but you can pick them up yourself.

6. Star Jumps

These will tire you all quickly! For later stages of pregnancy, if this is too uncomfortable you can march in and out.

7. Donkey Kicks

Strengthen those glutes! So important when we’re all sitting a bit more than usual. Switch halfway through on this one, doing 30 seconds on each leg.

8. Drawbridge

These are glute bridge dips but again we tried to give a fun spin on the name for the kids… is it working?

9. Fire Hydrants

We know the name isn’t ideal but it’s what the workout is! Switch halfway through on this one as well doing 30 seconds on each leg.

10. Child’s Pose

Everyone’s favorite move… get ready to cool down! Settle back into child’s pose for a bit of quiet relaxation. Let us know how long your little ones last here!

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