Equipment to Make the Most of At-Home Workouts

We know so many of you are hunkering down at home or have limited access to gyms and fitness centers. That of course can make exercise motivation and logistics a bit harder to work through; but that’s exactly where we come in.

If you’re new to Baby2Body, all of our in-app workouts are designed to be done from the comfort of your home and with limited to no equipment — and of course we’ll put together routines that are safe for your stage of pregnancy or postpartum. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know this is right in our wheelhouse, and it’s what we love helping you do.

While you can get a lot accomplished just by working against your bodyweight, it does help to have a few things on hand to make the most of your at-home workouts. We’ve outlined 3 basics we recommend you pick up, and 4 upgrades to take your home-based workouts to the next level (sharing household alternatives where possible).

We know these are crazy times… but maintaining normalcy and routines — including your fitness routine — where possible is critical to your physical health and mental wellness. Wishing you all sustained health and continued strength right now; we’ll be here through it all.

Now, let’s get to it…

3 Must-Haves for At-Home Workouts

1. Yoga Mat

Even if you don’t practice yoga, a good yoga mat it’s a must add to your home gym for all workouts. First, it gives you a non-slip surface to workout (and stretch!) on, and it also helps designate the space for your exercise — really helpful if you need to workout in your living room or bedroom.

We like this eco mat from Sweaty Betty.

Household alternative: Large blanket or towel

2. Set of Weights

When you think of home workouts, you probably think of hand weights. They’re a staple for a reason: it offers an easy way to add additional weight that you can work against to elevate your effort. Especially important for upper body work that’s hard to train without gym equipment.

This interchangeable set is pricey but so versatile. A simple set works too!

Household alternative: Water bottles

3. Resistance Bands

We’ll be honest, if we had to pick only one piece of equipment for your at-home workouts, it would be a set of resistance bands. They’re so compact and easy to store away and you can do so.many.things. with them. And there isn’t really an alternative that does them justice. A true must-have.

We like this set, complete with looped and flat bands.

4 Equipment Upgrades for Your Home Gym

Exercise Ball

These almost made it into our basics, because an exercise ball can allow you to do so many core and stability workouts. But — we know how bulky they can be and it’s not always practical to have in your home. So, on the upgrade list it goes.

We like this one.


A step can be used to modify some floor workouts during pregnancy and postpartum recovery to reduce pressure on your back and abdomen. But it truly shines when it comes to small space cardio routines though. Yes, think old-school step classes!

We like this one.

Household alternative: Bottom stair

Ankle Weights

If you feel like you’re not getting enough from your at home workouts, you may want to increase weight where possible. Ankle weights are easy to pop on, giving you additional resistance to work against. Definitely not necessary, but one to consider.

We like these.

Yoga Block

Not just for yogis! Yoga blocks are so good for stretching support and helping you maintain proper form. Especially with prenatal and postpartum body changes you may find certain poses and stretches more difficult to do; having a set of blocks can help you stay comfortable.

We like this one.

Household alternative: rolled towels

Looking for pregnancy and postpartum workouts you can do at home? Check out the Fitness Studio in the Baby2Body iOS app! You’ll always get one free workout per week and upgrading to Premium unlocks your full plan.


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