Meet the Newest Baby2Body Ambassadors

Do you recognize any of these faces? You may have seen some of these gorgeous ladies on our Instagram recently… so let’s get to know them!

And don’t worry — if you’re interested in being an ambassador, we’re still accepting applications on a rolling basis, because we’re always looking to grow this amazing group of women. If you want to be considered, take 5-10 minutes and fill out this survey so we can get to know you a little better.

Are you ready? Let’s meet the four newest Ambassadors!


Kansas City, MO | Pregnant

Mollie has always been an active person, and she’s excited to be able to set a good example for her future little ones–she wants to show them that working out is healthy and fun! A fan of cardio and leg day, Mollie has been big-time craving ravioli and lemons during her pregnancy so far (but thankfully, not together!).


New Jersey | New mom

Jessika welcomed her first little one into the world a month ago–and she and Luke are an adorable pair. She loves mat workouts and yoga, but she’s excited to get back to the weights once her body’s ready for it. And she’s no stranger to mindfulness: she journals daily to find perspective and improve her mood!


Chicago, IL | New mom

As an avid runner and registered dietitian, Jennifer knows the importance of taking good care of her body. Since she slowed down her distance running in her third trimester, she’s been loving upper body workouts in the Fitness Studio–and she’s been fueling up with plenty of Life cereal! Oh, and she’s due tomorrow…so send her lots of love and good vibes!


Toronto | New mom

Sarah welcomed Ella into the world earlier this month, and she’s been loving connecting with her little one through breastfeeding. This plant-based mama loves strength training and actually became a vegetarian when she found out she was pregnant–and she hasn’t looked back!

Want to meet the rest of our Ambassadors? The gang’s all here!


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