What Happens to Your Body In Each Month of Pregnancy

If you’ve just found out you’re expecting, you’re probably feeling a crazy mixture of emotions (partially fueled by your hormones, of course). The early stages of pregnancy are such an exciting time, but they also hold a lot of anticipation. What’s coming? Why do I feel like this? Will this last all 40 weeks? #omgihopenot

Your body does a lot of crazy stuff during pregnancy, and it also puts in work — growing a human being is no easy business. Knowing what’s coming and what to expect can make it all a bit easier, so we’ve broken down your pregnancy month by month so that you can take a look ahead and see what’s coming up.

Remember, the progression and symptoms of pregnancy are somewhat different for everyone, so don’t stress if your experiences don’t follow this guide to a T. Consider this post your roadmap — it’ll keep you aware of what’s coming, a little more in control, and a lot more informed about what’s going on in your body.

What To Expect In Each Month of Pregnancy

Month 1

Are you pregnant?

Although you may not even know you’re pregnant yet, your body is hard at work: your egg is being fertilized and implanted in your uterus. You might get some early symptoms that tip you off, though–sore breasts, nausea, and fatigue. Stay patient and pick up some pregnancy tests. Most can detect pregnancy 2 weeks after conception.

Month 2

Pop the sparkling cider!

This is when most people find out they’re pregnant–it’s time to celebrate! Right now, your hormones are allll over the place, so don’t be surprised if you feel moody and emotional. Your body is busy prepping for baby by increasing your blood supply, so if you feel lethargic, know that it’s totally normal.

Month 3

Hang in there, mama

Your hCG (a pregnancy hormone) levels are at an all-time high, and unfortunately, that seems to be linked to morning sickness symptoms, which can peak this month. Hang in there–look forward to your 12-week scan, where you’ll be able to see your baby via ultrasound for the first time!

Month 4

Spread the news

Tell your friends! Your chance of miscarriage drops significantly after week 12, so most women tell their friends and family around this time. Your bump also may have “popped”–so show it off! Your nausea and fatigue should subside, so you’ll start to feel like you’ve got your mojo back (and your sex drive should be making a return, too!)

Month 5

Ahhh…the honeymoon period

You’re right in the sweet spot of pregnancy, so enjoy it! Your bump is perfectly sized, you’ve got your energy back, and your appetite may be increasing as your baby grows. Now is a great time to plan a getaway or babymoon with your partner (we’ve got some inspo for you, too)!

Month 6

The viable stage

Babies born after this month have a reasonable chance of survival — but of course the 3rd trimester is an incredibly important time for growth and brain development, so there’s plenty more to go. You might be feeling heartburn and constipation as your baby grows, and fatigue may kick in due to your increase in blood volume. Hang in there, mama.

Month 7

Things get real

You may be feeling overwhelmed as both your brain and body prep for birth. Be careful with stretching, as your joints are loosening as your body prepares to give birth. You also may experience Braxton-Hicks contractions. Don’t panic–your body’s just practicing for the real thing! Now is a good time to work on developing your birth plan.

Month 8

Wait…still more to go?

This month is all about your baby’s growth, so stay patient, and focus on sticking to a workout routine that feels right to you. Baby’s growth may be making you feel a bit uncomfortable–they may press on your ribcage and organs. You’re probably feeling really pregnant by now. The finish line is in sight.

Month 9

The (never ending) final stretch

Ah, sweet relief! Baby will shift down into your pelvis and ease up on your ribcage (*sigh of relief*). This feeling is called “lightening,” and hopefully, it’ll make this last month more comfortable for you as baby finishes up developing. It’s just a waiting game now–your little one will be here soon!

Pregnancy is an exciting journey, but it’s a crazy one! You may feel completely different week to week, and that’s normal. We’re here to guide you through your pregnancy and keep you healthy, informed, and prepared for what’s ahead. Check out our stage-specific recipes, workouts, and daily tips in our free iOS app for everything you need during your 9 months.


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