Want Healthy Habits That Stick? Join Our 28-Day Fitness Challenge: #bumpupfeb

*This fitness challenge is safe for all stages of pregnancy (as long as low-risk) and following exercise clearance after birth.  

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably someone who cares a lot about your health and wellbeing. And if your January has been anything like ours, you’ve probably spent the month bombarded with headlines like:

New year, new you!
How to change your life in 10 easy steps
The trick to losing weight in 2020!

And if you’re tired of reading gimmicky lines like those…we feel you. We are, too.

Because we know that none of that stuff works,

and at the end of the day, the crash diets and crazy workout plans that promise BIG RESULTS will only lead to burnout — not lasting change.

Health and wellness isn’t a target that you can reach in 10 simple steps. It’s an ongoing commitment to energy, joy, vitality, and love for yourself–and those who matter to you. It’s something that you build and nourish with a lifetime of healthy choices. 

It’s not a number on the scale. It’s waking up with the energy to take care of your kids. Healthy bones that allow you to run in the fresh air. A positive mind that allows you to teach your little ones your favorite hobby. A body strong enough to continue living the life you love for years to come.

That’s why our approach to health and fitness is a little different.

We think that one of the best ways to create a long-term healthy lifestyle is to make small habit changes that suit your lifestyle, and then repeat them. In doing so, you’ll make healthy habits stick. 

And that’s why this February — when so many abandoned resolutions are brushed aside — we’re challenging you to take a few minutes every day to develop healthy habits. We’ll be delivering mini fitness, food, and wellbeing challenges every day, building up the intensity week to week. At the end of the month, you’ll be able to measure exactly how much stronger you became physically (and we bet you’ll see some changes in your mental fitness, too). 

It’s all happening on our Instagram, and we want you to join us.

Don’t worry — this isn’t a massive commitment, and most challenges take just 5-15 minutes. You can fit this into your normal routine! It might seem like an insignificant amount of time, but trust us, it’ll be worth it. We want to show you what little actions repeated over a period of time can do for you.

Want to know what’s in store? Here’s the lowdown:

Before You Begin: Do Your Baseline Test

We can’t wait for Feb 1 to kick this challenge off, but before you start, you should complete the 5-minute baseline fitness test to see where you’re at (this will give you something to measure your progress against).

Week 1: Steady Start

You can’t build a house without a solid foundation, and that’s what this week is all about. You’ve got 4 fitness challenges this week, 1 food challenge, and 2 wellbeing challenges that will make a huge difference in how you approach your days.

Week 2: Gaining Momentum

We’re ramping things up a little bit this week with one more fitness challenge, one wellbeing challenge, and one game-changing food challenge. Oh, and your first progress check-in happens this Friday–prepare for an exciting Valentine’s day!

Week 3: Building Habits

You’re going to start feeling your progress build on itself, and getting your daily challenges in will feel more and more like brushing your teeth. We’re sticking with 5 fitness challenges this week, but we’ve dialed up the intensity a bit. We’ve still got 1 food and 1 wellbeing challenge on deck to give your bod a break.

Week 4: Finish Strong

Even though the fitness challenges are getting tougher, it’s been happening little by little, so you may not even notice just how many reps you can do until this week! You’ll be surprised by how strong you’ve become!

We can’t wait to get started! Don’t forget to do your baseline test by Friday, and get your exercise tracker sheet in our #bumpupfeb story highlight on Instagram. And be sure to tag us in all of your challenge posts and stories this month with the #bumpupfeb — we’re so excited to do this with you!

Click here to join the challenge on our Instagram.

Please note this challenge is designed to be safe for all stages of pregnancy (if low-risk) and after you’ve received postpartum exercise clearance. We will include modifications you can make as needed to make sure you’re getting the challenge you need!



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