New Year, Healthier You: Shape Your Pregnancy & Postpartum with Baby2Body

Happy 2020! The year just sounds good, doesn’t it?

We’re excited for this decade, one that’s already been dubbed the new “roaring 20’s”. An obvious reference to a century ago when women rose up together and the fight for voting rights was won; but 100 years later, we think it’s the perfect time for women to rise again.

Since Baby2Body was launched, we’ve been focused on one thing: putting women’s health and wellness first. We’re dedicated to giving women all over the world information and access to the tools they need to live a healthier, happier life, so they feel empowered to make the best choices for themselves at critical life stages.

Why the focus on women’s health?

Because women’s health deserves its own attention. Actually, it demands it.

To keep it simple, women’s health is complex (hello, hormones), in need of personalized lifestyle attention, often misunderstood, and not often researched enough. Ladies, we deserve services that understand our needs and are customized to them, which is what Baby2Body is all about.

Why the focus on pregnancy and postpartum (hint, hint: for now…)

First, because that time in life can be kind of scary. While it’s an exciting time for many women, there’s also a lot going on; your body is no longer just your own, your hormones go haywire (which, by the way, makes your body and mind do crazy (yet cool) things), there are precautions you want to keep in mind, but there’s also a lot of misleading information as to what’s safe and what’s not. Along with that misinformation comes plenty of judgment from others (friends, family, strangers, you name it) about what you should or shouldn’t do.

We bet you’ve heard them all; the “don’ts”, the “can’ts”, and “shouldn’t do’s” of pregnancy and the postpartum experience. As soon as you announce you’re expecting or bring baby home from the hospital it’s like everyone gets a license to share their thoughts about what you could be doing better. But you know what, you’ve got this. 

We’re just here to help keep you informed and empowered to make the best decisions for a healthier and happier you.

That’s why we created the global #shapeyourpregnancy movement to spread the message about empowering women with the confidence, tools, and knowledge to shape their pregnancy their way. To eat food you love while getting yourself and your baby the nutrients you need; To stay calm through all the changes and stay true to yourself and what makes you, you; and of course, to stay active and crush your workouts every step of the way.

Here we are in 2020, and guess what? That message still matters.

So, we want to hear your Shape Your Pregnancy stories.

We want to see how you’re shaping your pregnancy. We’re all about what women CAN do in pregnancy and beyond, so show us your toughest workouts, your prenatal inversions, your running while expecting pics, and all those things people told you you just can’t do while pregnant. Let’s show them what pregnancy can look like.

Here’s how you can join the #shapeyourpregnancy movement. 

1. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Use the hashtag #shapeyourpregnancy in your posts showing how you Shape Your Pregnancy, whether through exercise, diet or meditation — whatever speaks to you! 

3. If you want to share your story for a chance to be featured on our blog, reach out to us at or through our Instagram DMs. We can’t wait to hear from you.


For a healthier, happier 2020, complete with daily, personalized health and wellness guidance suited to your stage of motherhood, be sure to download our iOS app today.


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