How To Stay Sane Through The Holidays: Moms Share Top Tips

Through the month of December, we’ve been talking about how to #findyourzen over on our IG page (check it out if you’re not following us already!). But if we’re being honest, the holidays are very much a NOT ZEN time of year, especially if you’re the mom. Because chances are, you’re the one in charge of making all the magic happen. What we want you to know (and believe) is that you deserve just as much of that holiday magic too!

That’s exactly why we’ve been focusing on helping you find your zen and keep it going through the holiday crazies and right into the New Year. Is it impossible? Maybe. Is it worth a try? Definitely.

We’ve got loads of our top tips, mini guided meditations, and more on finding your zen over on our Instagram, but we also reached out to Baby2Body moms to ask how they were staying sane throughout the holidays. Here are their go-to ways…

Baby2Body Moms Share How They’re Staying Sane Through The Holidays

1. Have a Meditative Morning


Guinevere says, “with a toddler, it isn’t quite as easy to find ‘zen’, but it is possible. After a warm cup of matcha green tea in the morning, I’ll breastfeed my daughter so she is also calm, then I’ll play my meditation app and close my eyes for a good 10 minutes. Clearing my head and awakening peace is a perfect way to start my day amidst this busy holiday season.”


2. Nail Down Your Morning Routine


Kim says, “I love to start my days by getting my mind clear and focused. My favorite morning routine has been journaling — just for five minutes! Then I jump into a workout and I end with 5 minutes of intentional breathing and meditation. My morning routine helps me get through the holiday season. And I also really enjoy just spending some time cuddling on the couch with my girls!”


3. Cherish the Little Moments with Your Loves


Charlotte says, “with the holiday season, sometimes things can go crazy. To maintain our wellness, stay stress-free, and surround our souls with love only, Oscar and I will leave the house and go barefoot on the grass to reconnect and breathe. I take pictures to capture the blissful moment and we just enjoy each other’s company.”


4. Embrace the Christmas Spirit


Keeli says, “Believe it or not, I think decorating the tree is super zen. Focusing on one thing until it’s complete totally puts me in the zone and it’s productive! The best time to do this for me was at night just after putting my son to sleep. Ended the day feeling accomplished.”


5. Stay As Present As Possible

Courtney says, “I have been finding a little daily zen by prioritizing myself for at least a few minutes a day. It may mean just practicing a few yoga postures before I teach or during my daughter’s nap but even that small amount of me-time is precious and essential. I also try to stay present as much as humanly possible. These simple moments during the holidays of pure joy and laughter fill me up.”


We’d love to see how you #findyourzen during the holidays! Tag your photos @baby2bodyofficial for a chance to be featured or share your ideas in the comments below!


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