10 Things Every Expecting Mom Wants for Christmas

While it’s really fun to get gifts for baby (or a baby on the way!) for Christmas, most pregnant moms wouldn’t mind getting something that they really want, too. We’ve asked expecting moms in the Baby2Body community what’s on their wish list this holiday season (besides a healthy baby, of course!).

We rounded up 10 of the most requested gifts and some of their top picks…

1 For the mom who needs some sleep

Lucid Comfort Collection Weighted Blankets-l300

On Instagram, we asked you what you wanted for Christmas, and so many of you said: sleep. We wish we could give you all a couple extra hours a night–but since we can’t, we figured the next best thing is a gift that’ll help you get to sleep quickly (gotta maximize the hours you’ve got!). Weighted blankets are having a bit of a moment, and honestly, we’re here for it. This blanket is the comfiest hug you and your bump will ever experience.


2 For the mom who needs a spa day

NEST Cedar Leaf & Lavender Candle

241518-DEFAULT-lSometimes you just really need a super luxurious bubble bath, but sadly, fragaranced bubble baths are typically advised against during pregnancy (we miss you, Lush bath bombs). But don’t fret–you can still make your DIY spa night extra special with an unscented bubble bath and some really nice candles. This one from NEST is kind of extra, but if you’re going to give a candle for a gift, we think… go big or go home.



3 For the mom who has trouble getting comfy

Leachco Snoogle Full Body Pregnancy Support PillowLeachco-Snoogle-Original-Total-Body-Pillow-1024x661

Growing bumps make finding a comfy sleep position a little tricky. A body pillow is a total game changer, making a good night’s sleep possible while also preventing common pregnancy acid reflux.


4 For the mom who lives in leggings

9aba17_9f8ae41f17ae449ab4fbdbb1d3187ec1~mv2_d_4000_5000_s_4_2Bump Activewear Flawless Mesh Black Leggings

If you’re at that point where you just can’t deal with the waistband of your leggings digging into your growing bump, it’s time to invest in some maternity leggings. Comfort and support are key, and we think it’s a good choice to pick a high-quality pair that’ll be your go-to for the gym, running errands, and chilling on the sofa.





5 For the mom with morning sickness

Natural Peppermint Tummy Drops81KdrZD7JRL._SR1260,840_SR630,420_

Whether you have morning sickness — or all day sickness — nausea is one of the worst pregnancy symptoms. These Tummy Drops make great stocking stuffers for anyone struggling with nausea. They’re formulated by a doctor and made with natural, organic ingredients. And they come in a resealable pack, for easy, on-the-go relief.


6 For the mom who’s a total skincare junkie

Osea_Blemish_Balm_360xOsea Blemish Balm

Pregnancy breakouts are real… and lots of expecting moms find that their skin is a challenging mix of oily shine, dry patches, and stubborn breakouts. Because common acne-fighting ingredients need to be avoided during pregnancy, finding products that really work can be a challenge–but we love this one because it does it all. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that provides balanced hydration while fighting current (and future) breakouts.


7 For the mom who doesn’t want to sacrifice style

FLY London Chelsea Boot3820250056_md1.jpg

It’s pretty easy to find cute and trendy maternity clothes these days, but finding comfortable and supportive shoes can be a bigger challenge–especially if you’re nearing your 3rd trimester in the winter months. We love these boots because of their stretchy, slip-on design, grippy rubber soles, and sturdy arch support.


8 For the mom who loves to be cozy

kimono1_654x908Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Robe

A good maternity robe is an essential for every pregnant mom, so get her one she’ll really love. It’ll carry her through the rest of pregnancy, keep her warm in the hospital, and make her comfortable for those late-night feedings.







9 For the mom who needs extra moisture61dGpY87VAL._SX466_

Bella B Honey Tummy Butter

Made with a blend of cocoa, shea, olive, and jojoba oils, the formula of this tummy butter is lightweight and non-greasy–and it smells amazing!




iphone10 For the mom who wants to stay healthy

Baby2Body iOS App

We’re a little biased on this one, but for the health-conscious mom-to-be, a Baby2Body Premium subscription is the perfect gift. She’ll get workouts that are safe and tailored to her stage of pregnancy, tips to keep her informed on what’s going on with her growing baby, and recipes to keep her nourished and healthy. We don’t think there’s much more valuable than giving the expecting mom in your life the gift of health, wellness, and confidence.




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