The Baby2Body Gift Guide for Babies

Figuring out what to buy for baby can be surprisingly confusing… and overwhelming. The sheer amount of toys, onesies, nursery items, and “essential” gadgets on the market are staggering, so it’s hard to even know where to start with Christmas shopping for the littlest ones on your list this year (and it’s not as if you can just ask them what they want!).

On top of that, there’s a good chance they’ll be more interested in the box it arrives in rather than the gift itself. But we know there is something special about sharing the spirit of gifting and gratitude this time of year, even with the smallest of children.

So there you are, left searching for a thoughtful gift that will bring a smile to their little faces, while still wanting it to be practical, within your budget, and not overly promoting consumer culture. So what’s a girl to do? Ask other moms who are in your same shoes! And that’s exactly what we did when we were putting together this gift guide.

All of the recommendations below come from real Baby2Body moms who have given birth in the past year and are getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas with their little ones. Whether you’re buying holiday gifts for your own tot or shopping for a baby shower, this list is a good place to start.

1 For eco-friendly winter warmth

Goumi Mitt Set


“The best!!!” is how new mom Sarah describes the Goumi Mittens, and we’re pretty big fans, too, especially if you live in colder climates this time of year. The soft, organic material is naturally anti-microbial, and the cotton and bamboo blend won’t scratch baby’s delicate skin, plus, the two-part closure system keeps them in place.




2 For convenient, all-in-one transportation

Doona All-In-One Infant Car Seat/Stroller


If you want to go big in the gifting department, the Doona is the way to go. This car seat and stroller hybrid is one of Sarah‘s favorite baby items, and while it’s maybe more a gift for parents, we’re guessing baby won’t mind. It’s great for busy families on-the-go, made from baby-safe materials, is EU and US certified, and has customizable covers that allow you to switch things up.





3 For special bedtime story memories

Welcome Little One Board Book


It’s going to be new mom Sarah‘s first Christmas with her baby, and she says that the list for herself this year is really small. “I don’t need much, and that’s probably because my world revolves around [baby] in the best way possible!” We feel you, Sarah–so we picked this adorable board book that serves as a love letter to the tiny human at the center of your universe.



4 For their first set of Christmas pajamas

Footed Infant Sleeper


Make sure their first pair of Christmas pajamas are cozy and adorable. We love this checked footed sleeper–it’ll keep baby warm and looking like a tiny lumberjack all at the same time.







5 For the baby who needs help sleeping through the night

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time to Rise

61ASu-5HgBL._SY355_When her baby was a newborn, Sarah couldn’t live without her Hatch sound machine–and we totally get why. The multifunctional device encourages better sleep (cue: sigh of relief from moms everywhere) and combines a nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert. Plus, it easily runs on an app on your phone, so you can control the device remotely without disturbing your baby.



6 For baby’s first snuggly toy

The Peanut Shell Farmhouse Giraffe Plush Toy


This year, Katrina says she’s in need of plenty of toys to keep her little one entertained and smiling. We love this cuddly giraffe that your baby will cherish for years to come.







7 For relaxing chill time with baby

Dockatot Deluxe Plus Dock Baby Lounger


The Dockatot comes recommended by Alyssa, and it’s a great way to keep baby comfy and contained during playtime, tummy time, or just chilling with mom.
Note: You shouldn’t use this as a cosleeper or bed for baby–it’s only safe to let your baby sleep in it during very closely supervised nap time.


8 For keeping baby close on busy days

Solly Baby Wrap Carrier


Another one of Alyssa’s favorites: the lightweight, soft, and durable Solly baby wrap. Keeping baby close is convenient for busy moms, but it’s been shown to have some major benefits, too: it helps you bond physically (and emotionally), soothes crying babies, and is linked to reduced rates of postpartum depression.




9 For educational fun that will grow with baby

The First Years Stack & Count Cups

51R0kZwuwbL._SX425_Kenzie says that even though the list for her little one is full of toys, she may as well just get him household items, because they’re all he wants to play with. His favorite? Measuring cups. We love this baby-friendly option that’s durable, affordable, and will grow with baby.





10 For safe & comfortable bike rides with baby

Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini Seat


When we asked what topped her wish list for her little one, Courtney gushed about her baby bike seat so. She rides with baby five times a week and loves to cruise around together. “Admittedly it was as much for me and my happiness as hers!” says Courtney. Need we say more? Baby will love bike rides in the fresh air, and mom will be excited to bring her little one on active adventures. 





11 For easily growing your milk supply

Haakaa Breast Pump

Okay, so this one is also technically for mom, but its purpose is feeding baby, so it counts, okay? Alyssa says that in addition to an electric pump, a Haakaa pump is a must-have for new moms. You may have heard of this cult-favorite and doula-approved pump, but if not, here’s the gist: it’s a lightweight, portable, silicone pump that uses natural suction to catch letdown (that would otherwise be lost). That way, mom won’t let any milk go to waste and can build up a hefty milk supply.


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