The Baby2Body Gift Guide for New Moms

There are 3 things we know all new moms really want for Christmas:

  1. A night of uninterrupted sleep,
  2. The laundry to magically fold and put itself away, and
  3. More time in the day to do all the things.

We can’t guarantee that those wishes will come true, but we can recommend some of our favorite products that will make life as a new mom a little bit easier. Pass this list on to your partner, friends, family — or go shopping yourself and put your own present under the tree (we won’t tell). 

1 For the mom with dry hands

Kiehl’s Richly Hydrating Hand Cream


Winter weather sucks the moisture out of your hands, and having a new baby in your arms probably means you’re washing your hands waaaay more than normal. Pamper your parched hands with this luxurious, non-greasy lavender cream that smells as good as it feels.





2 For the mom who needs a little zen in her life

Serene House Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser


When we asked you what you wanted for Christmas, so many of you said you wanted a trip to the spa. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend a single spa to our new moms all over the world, but we can recommend this aromatherapy diffuser to bring the spa to you. And it’s so easy to use: just add water and your favorite essential oils.





3 For the mom who needs a good night’s sleep

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask


While we can’t help you get your baby to sleep through the night, this gloriously silky eye mask will make it way easier for you to fall back asleep and get some quality Zzzzs.


4 For the mom who’s always on the run

S’ip by S’well Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug


As far as we know, no new mom has ever finished her cup of coffee while it’s still hot. This insulated mug will keep your coffee hot all morning, and it’s perfect to bring with you on those busy days.









5 For the mom who loves a glass of wine

New Mom Wine Labels for Mommy Milestones


Make your favorite bottle of wine extra-special with these adorable Mommy Milestone wine bottle labels. It’ll give you an excuse to open a bottle on the good days… and the not so good days.








6 For the mom who loves to be cozy

Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas


There’s nothing better than snuggling up in soft, cozy pajamas after a long day (and maybe staying in them for most of Sunday). Buy her a pair of pajamas she’d never buy for herself — they’ll feel extra luxurious.




7 For the mom who doesn’t want her diaper bag to look like a *diaper bag*

Freshly Picked City Pack Diaper Bag


You know those diaper bags that look like…well…a diaper bag? This is not that bag. Sleek, water-resistant, and boasting 10 pockets (including a designated snack pocket…need we say more?) this is the diaper backpack of every new mom’s dreams.


8 For the mom who really needs a massage

HoMedics Quad Action Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager with Heat

71XM8aOiYlL._SY355_Booking her a massage is a great gift, but this heated neck and shoulder massager is the gift that keeps on giving. No more tennis ball massages necessary.







9 For the mom who needs some help around the house

Eufy BoostIQ robo vac


Ridiculous? Maybe a little. Surprisingly useful and entertaining for cats? Yes. Pretty much every new mom agrees that it feels like there are never enough hours in the day, and chores begin to feel like chores. This little guy will deal with the vacuuming while you do the dishes… or take a much-needed break.


10 For the mom who wants to feel sexy again

Belabumbum Mesh Lace Underwire Nursing Bra


Are you a new mom and completely fed. up. with nursing bras that both 1. cause permanent uniboob and 2. don’t actually support your breasts? Well, we’ve found the nursing bra of our dreams (it doesn’t look like one, huh?). It does a killer job of being a nursing bra and will actually make you feel sexy. Yes, please!


11 For the mom that loves to keep it all organized

Charlotte Lined Wire Baskets


One tiny human seems to make messes grow exponentially. Keep your diapers, onesies, and toys all organized with these stylish and simple wire baskets. Bonus: the fabric liners are removable and machine washable.

12 For the mom who wants to stay healthy

Baby2Body iOS App


Ok, we know we’re a little biased on this one, but for the health-conscious mom, a subscription to Premium is the perfect Christmas gift. Give her customized workouts, recipes, and tips to guide her through the postpartum period. We don’t think there’s much more valuable than giving the new mom in your life the gift of health, wellness, and confidence.



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