9 Essentials to Keep In Your Purse While Pregnant

There are a lot of things we can’t control during pregnancy… like the urge to pee (100 times a day), the all-day-long waves of “morning” sickness, and those lovely hormone-induced mood swings. But we can be prepared to handle all the things thrown at us during those 9 months by keeping a few basics on hand.

We wish we could drum up a list of essentials that covered every hurdle that pregnancy throws at you, but even Mary Poppins’ bag couldn’t carry everything you’d need. But these 9 essentials should help keep you a bit more comfortable.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

9 Essentials To Keep in Your Purse During Pregnancy

1. A pocket fan for when fresh air is hard to find

During pregnancy, you’re more sensitive to noxious smells and also more prone to overheating, so having something that can keep you cool and blow away unsavory odors will be a huge win. This is especially handy if you’re commuting to work on public transport (trust us on this one). Check out this one.

2. Blotting papers for a quick refresh

You may not have dealt with oily skin before, but pregnancy hormones can make you a bit greasier. Blotting papers will help soak up any excess oil and leave you with a fresh matte glow. We love these natural blotting leaflets from Tatcha, complete with the Clean seal from Sephora.

3. Energizing snacks when you need a pick-me-up

Fatigue is a common symptom throughout pregnancy, so having some nutritious and energizing snacks on hand is always a good idea if you start to hit a lull or get an insatiable hunger pang. We’re always partial to granola or protein bars as they’re easy to pack away and make for a quick snack.

4. A refreshing facial mist (also for needed pick-me-ups)

On especially long days you might want to touch up your look, and while you can bring a travel-sized makeup kit with you an easier product to have on hand is a refreshing facial mist. It can help you feel calm, cool and it’s an easy way to add a dewy, fresh and wide-awake look at any time of day. The mini-sized Caudalie Beauty Elixir is our Holy Grail for this.

5. Your trusty water bottle for easy hydration

We know you hear this allll the time, but keeping your water intake up is super important during pregnancy. A BPA-free, insulating water bottle (that keeps your drink nice and cool) is a must for easy all-day hydration.

6. Sanitizing wipes to keep germs at bay

The last thing you want to do when pregnant is get sick, but your immune system is naturally weakened, so being prepared with germ-preventing wipes is always a good idea.  These wipes are also gentle enough to use on your face and body if other unexpected accidents happen (morning sickness, we’re looking at you).

7. Ginger chews to combat common symptoms

We love ginger for so many reasons — many of them outlined in this post! — and especially so during pregnancy since it can help combat nausea and ease the buildup of stomach acid that contributes to heartburn. If you’re a fan of the taste of ginger, try picking up some natural ginger chews for relief on the go.

8. Pantiliners, just to be prepared

During pregnancy, you’d think you’d be free of pads for a bit, but as baby grows and puts added pressure on your bladder you might need a little extra protection down there. Pantiliners should be a safe bet as the first line of defense; giving you peace of mind without that bothersome bulk of pads. We highly recommend organic, toxin-free varieties such as these from Rael.

9. Your Baby2Body App

OK, we know, we know — shameless plug — but this is exactly why we created Baby2Body: to give you that support you need in the palm of your hand, exactly when you need it. Of course, we have our personalized workout programs, recipes and meal plans, and guided meditations to help you live your healthiest at every stage, but we also have loads of on-the-go support (that’s free for everyone!).

So whether you want to take a calming moment with a breathing exercise, get your pelvic floor exercises in while commuting to work, check in on your Daily Bites and baby’s development, or log an important milestone, the Baby2Body app will be your best friend in your back pocket through pregnancy and early motherhood.

Do you have pregnancy essentials for your purse that we didn’t include on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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