5 Halloween Treats With a Healthy Twist

Halloween is only a week away and we can already feel our blood sugar levels rising… Reese’s, we’re looking at you. We love Halloween, don’t get us wrong, but the sharp and sudden influx of candy can be a lot to handle, especially when you’re trying to make healthy choices ahead of the holidays.

We’re guessing you’d rather not go into a candy-induced coma — or have your kids go into a candy-induced frenzy — in the week leading up to October 31st, so we’ve pulled together some of our favorite recipes that offer healthy takes on Halloween-themed treats.


5 Halloween-Themed Treats with a Healthy Twist

1. Frozen Boo-Nana Pops


This recipe is from Skinnytaste.com and we love how simple it is. Sure, white chocolate may not be the healthiest choice when it comes to chocolate, but it gives these frozen banana pops a ghoulish look, very on-brand for the holiday. We made a slight modification to ours by covering the frozen bananas in almond butter and then rolling them in desiccated coconut — for a more nutritious approach.


2. Sweet potato Jack-O-Lantern ‘Cookies’


Okay so the ‘cookie’ part may be a bit misleading, but these jack-o-lantern sweet potato bites, as featured on Simply Recipes, are savory mixed with sweet and pretty fun to eat! We made some cheeky changes when we made these to step up the ‘healthy’ game: simply swap out melted butter with coconut oil and use coconut sugar instead of granulated sugar.


3. Silly Apple Bites


Fork & Beans nailed it with these kid-friendly apple snacks that definitely hit more silly than spooky for Halloween. To be honest, they’re fun and tasty for any age, and if you’re feeling creative — they really only take 15 minutes to make.

4. Healthier Caramel Apples 


OK so this has less of a Halloween-vibe, but it’s definitely fall-themed and we love this healthier “caramel” sauce from Half Baked Harvest, so we had to share. One change we’d recommend is instead of dipping the whole apple, cut them into slices and then dip those in the ‘caramel’ sauce to set. Perhaps less fun to eat, but much less of a mess in the long run (if you have kids, you’ll know which way to go).


5. Veggie Skeleton


This might just be the best trick (or treat?) to get your little ones to eat more vegetables. It might even make it more fun for you to get your veggies, too! We found this idea from Feeding Frenzy and it’s just so clever we had to share it. No modifications on our end, it’s stellar — and very healthy — as is!


Bonus: “Monsterita” Cocktail 


OK we know we said 5 treats but then we came across these healthy Halloween-inspired margaritas from 40 Aprons and we had to share. Of course, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding she’s got a simple switch to turn these into mocktails — which are just as festive and (almost) as fun. ; )

Let us know if you end up making any of these healthier Halloween treats and which one was your favorite! Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween!

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