Baby’s First Trip: Ambassador Stories & Tips For Traveling With Kids

Travel can be hectic on its own… but trying to maneuver your infant through an airport, to a hotel, and keeping them happy at the beach, that’s when things can get really crazy. Your first trip with your baby will likely be a bit stressful, but we find that despite the worry, it will all be worth it in the end. 

You’ll probably hit some unexpected bumps, but you’ll also make some amazing memories, and that’s what matters the most. Enjoy your getaway and the luxury of spending some quality time with your little one… because they won’t be this little for long, and we only have so many vacations with them while they’re young.

We’ve gathered some stories from our lovely ambassadors about their first trips with baby. They’ve taken their tots on long haul flights, survived road trips, and kept them well-fed and happy the entire time — and they’re sharing their top tips with you. Things don’t always go smoothly, but there’s always a way to make it work. Spoiler alert: snacks can solve just about anything.

Read on for their sweet stories and mom-to-mom advice — it’ll make you excited and prepared to plan your next vacation!


Judit: “Sometimes you need a staycation”

Traveling with babies can be hectic enough, but Judit has the extra challenge of traveling with three, that are all the same age. “It’s pretty difficult to travel anywhere,” she says, “because there has to be 3 adults for 3 babies!” The other challenge? Getting them to sleep. “We’ve entered a stage where our triplets don’t sleep much. We get like 3-4 hours of sleep a night, so this month has been challenging for us. We did a trip to Stavenger [Norway] to visit my fiance’s family, and the babies slept through the ride there but the trip home was a disaster! They were really unsettled and cried a lot.”

It’s hard to travel with triplets — so Judit brought the travel to them! She and her little ones spent the summer at home in Norway and had friends visit from Holland and Hungary. The most important thing to Judit? “Our kiddos are the cutest and healthy,” she says. “Two of our three babies are rolling like pancakes, and Filip is on his way! He loves laying on his tummy but doesn’t roll…yet.”


Tanya: “Take the time to settle in”

Tanya and her family travelled to Spain this summer–and that meant a long 8-hour flight with baby Axel. “We hadn’t anticipated baby getting sick, but unfortunately he did,” says Tanya. “We had a couple difficult nights and it took us about 4-5 days to settle in.”

But once baby was feeling better, they were finally able to enjoy the sun and the ocean! “We enjoyed lots of tapas and cuddles from granny, and we spent some amazing moments with family. Grandma taught him how to give kisses, and he ate his first steak and fish in Marbella!”


Amanda: “Start them young”

Because Amanda and her husband are from two different countries, they decided it was best to start traveling when baby Bodhi was young so that he’d be used to flying. They took their first trip when Bodhi was 3 months old and flew from New York City to California to road trip up the west coast. “It was amazing!” says Amanda. “Bodhi did so well with the time difference and was a total trooper.” Her best tip for new moms? “Pack extra outfits for flights with infants and at least one extra outfit for yourself!”

Nursing helped her keep Bodhi calm when he was little, but it was a little tougher when he was 14 months and she was 8 months pregnant. “At 14 months, kids want to crawl or walk around the plane. Bodhi loves talking to new people so I got some rest while he chatted to other passengers.” Her second lesson is a surprising one: “jet lag hits harder with older kids who have nap schedules. Lots of sleep and snacks help!”


Jade: “Don’t forget the snacks”

Jade, her partner, and two kids enjoyed the sun and sand in the Dominican Republic this summer — and it went much smoother than she expected! “It was Olivia’s first flight, and as it was a long haul, I was quite worried about how she would be,” says Jade. “But she was great, and so was Josh!” Her travel tips? “Be prepared to go through copious amounts of snacks on the plane!

Even though Jade was worried about the kids going into the big trip, she says that she was worried for nothing. “Both kids loved the holiday and spend the whole time either eating or swimming!” Sounds pretty good to us!


Jenna: “Keep it relaxed”

Jenna and her family live in Australia (where it’s currently winter!). So, to escape the cold, they spent 3 months in America — and they got to enjoy sunny San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, and Texas! Jenna had to play the role of supermom doing so much travel with a 4-month-old. “It was a lot… all of those flights, starting solids in another country, all the different hotel rooms, no family and friends… I would be lying if I said it wasn’t confronting.”

But even though it was tough at times, Jenna said it was a really memorable summer. “We had lots of walks along the beach boardwalks, and I got to discover new places every day with my little babe. It was really cool.” Some cities were a bit more baby-friendly than others, though. “Let me put this on the record,” Jenna says. “New York and Vegas are not the same with a baby. I’d stick to the more coastal, relaxed cities and towns next time.” 

Baby Navy was 4 months old at the start of the trip, and by the end of it, Jenna says he was “an active, worldly 7-month-old. The trip was full-on, but amazing!”


Charlotte: “Adaptation and learning”

Charlotte’s had a crazy summer–and it got off to an exciting start when she gave birth to her son, Oscar, in June! Needless to say, she’s been busy. “July was all about adaptation and learning about each other,” says Charlotte. “I made a point every day to get out of the house even if it was just for 10 minute–Oscar loves the fresh air on his skin!” 

Because a summer vacation wasn’t really in the cards for newborn Oscar, his grandparents came to visit for the first time, and Charlotte says that since they arrived, they “never stopped exploring the surroundings.” There were some exciting firsts for Charlotte, too–she breastfeed in public for the first time! “I was worried as I thought Oscar wouldn’t be as comfortable as he is at home,” sys Charlotte. “But he was! I guess mommy was the only anxious one.”

Oscar’s just turned two months old, and Charlotte is excited to bring him on his first trip. “We are going to Yosemite,” says Charlotte. “I’m excited and wondering how long hours of driving will go…but he’s such a nice little boy, and I know everything will go smoothly!”


Courtney: “Look for the lightness whenever possible”

For Courtney and her family, this summer had a major trip in store: they took 18 month old Maya from their home in LA to NYC for her first east coast adventure! “We spent time in the city and country visiting friends and family,” says Courtney. “Maya took her first ever boat ride on the East River and rode her first carousel–with a view of Manhattan in the distance!”

There were plenty of exciting firsts, and it was exciting for Courtney see Maya growing up. “I watched my little girl thrive on the playgrounds of Brooklyn and Queens holding her own with the big kids!” she says. “I watched her run in the open fields of Pennsylvania where she picked apples, made potions with her cousins, and learned to skip rocks on the Delaware River.” There were plenty of special moments, including Maya meeting her only living grandmother, which Courtney says was “priceless.”

“My little one really is a magic maker,” says Courtney. “She lights up almost every environment she enters with her joyful smile, reminding us to look for the lightness whenever possible.”

We’d like to give a huge thank you to all of our amazing ambassadors for sharing their stories with us. We want to hear your stories, too! Share your best memories (or worst ones), pictures, and your go-to tips of traveling with baby in the comments below, or tag us @baby2bodyofficial on Instagram. We’d love to see them!



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