Real Life Gender Reveal Stories from Baby2Body Ambassadors

There are a lot of decisions that come with being pregnant: share the big news as soon as you find out or wait for your 12-week scan? Learn the sex of your baby ahead of time or wait to be surprised? Go for a natural birth or get an epidural? Well, we’re going to tell you what to do: you should do pregnancy your way. 

Alright, no surprise there, we know. But it is true that the only ‘right’ answer to any of those questions is the one that’s best for you and your family.

Pregnancy is such a personal time and how you choose to experience it might be different from other moms you know. You may even make different choices from one pregnancy to the next – and that’s totally OK. Like any big decision, choosing to find out—and reveal—the gender of your baby is entirely up to you.

For some expecting parents, finding out the gender and sharing it in a big way is a beautiful, celebratory moment to share with family and friends; some prefer to reveal the gender through intimate, personal conversations; and others want to wait to be fully surprised on the big day. That’s the beauty of it, we all get to decide what’s best for us.

We’ve asked some of our gorgeous mamas (and mamas-to-be) how, or if, they decided to find out the gender of their babies. Here are their stories!

12 Gender Reveal (and Non-Reveal!) Stories from Baby2Body Ambassadors


Britny’s party poppers


As Britny was coming closer to finding out the gender of her second baby, she reflected on how this pregnancy was so different from her first, “With my first, I KNEW I was having a boy. I’d dreamt about him, I had no nausea, no terrible symptoms — it was a relatively easy pregnancy. With this second pregnancy, however, I had no inclination on baby’s gender whatsoever. I was so nauseated I needed prescription medication, and have a bit of placenta previa! So far… a very different experience.”

“Everyone was positive it was going to be a girl because I was so sick. I sort of hoped the baby would be, too, just to spice things up in our growing family, but every time I saw baby clothes or even thought about the new baby, I was drawn to blue and all things boy.”

Britny and her husband decided to do a small gender reveal just with their family. They used confetti poppers to reveal the sex, and the color took (almost) everyone by surprise: “It was another BOY! Somehow deep inside I wasn’t surprised. Maybe I knew all along, but either way, I am thrilled beyond measure to have two little boys who will be the closest of friends and brothers. To those of you expecting I wish you the best of luck! Motherhood is truly God’s greatest gift.”


Guinevere’s painted handprints



‘Our story is quite funny actually,’ says Guinevere. ‘We were told we were having a boy, and we created our reveal around that information. A few weeks later at my check-up, the doctor clarified that we were having a girl, but we didn’t bother doing a reveal. It was more like a ‘hey never mind, we are having a girl!’ Lol.’

Which brings us to a quick side note: yes, your healthcare professional can get it wrong. The earlier you are in your pregnancy, baby’s positioning, and the clarity of the view can all lead to an incorrect reading. However, they’ll generally get it right over 95% of the time. By your 20-week scan, you should be able to get a clear answer on ‘boy or girl’.


Alyssa’s ‘big hit’ party


Alyssa and her husband held a party for their family and friends to share the surprise of their baby’s gender reveal. Her best friend was the only person who knew their baby’s sex ahead of time and prepared two identical baseballs filled with blue or pink powder.

Her friend handed her a baseball, and as Alyssa says, ‘I tossed the ball, and smashed it in front of everyone, and caused a huge blue explosion! We always hoped we would have a boy first, and so we were beyond thrilled!’ Check out the video of their reveal party here.


Tanya’s balloon-popping bash


To keep the magic of surprise, Tanya and her husband had the ultrasound technician put the result of their baby’s sex in an envelope. She then arranged for a friend to meet her at the balloon shop, had him open the envelope and pick the color to fill the gender reveal balloon with. ‘I left him and told him not to look me in the eye until the party,’ Tanya says.

‘My husband and I were so anxious and excited! We hadn’t celebrated getting pregnant, and really wanted our friends and family to be happy for us, but most importantly to show them that we still love a good party! So, we planned a little party at a beautiful venue in Dubai. We all gathered around and did a countdown from 5 — we were soooo nervous! Once we popped the balloon I couldn’t even see what colour it was! Then with all the poppers our friends had, blue confetti was flying everywhere! It was amazing!’ 


Keeli’s surprise box


Keeli used another creative, balloon-inspired method to reveal the gender of her baby.

She recalls, ‘We gathered outside and my husband and I stood on opposite sides of a large white box… we were both nervous but extremely excited! We had the crowd count down from three, then we lifted the lid and blue balloons appeared! We were ecstatic!’


Sarah’s confetti connection

‘There is such a special connection you begin to feel when you know the gender,’ says Sarah, reflecting on her gender reveal party featuring a confetti-filled box. ‘I had always dreamt of having a baby and growing a family with my husband, but it didn’t really sink in until we found out that he was going to be a boy.’

‘We painted a huge box and had our friends fill it with blue or pink confetti, balloons, and glitter. They hung it above a big tree in the backyard where my husband had previously engraved mine and his initials into the tree with a heart around it. We each pulled a string on either side of the box and blue showered all over us! We were overjoyed and could not believe that this little miracle growing inside me was going to be our son. And now he is here! We could not be more blessed.’


Sophia’s cake cutting


When Sophia had her 17-week scan, she didn’t want to know the gender, so she gave the result to her partner’s sister. She planned a chill, sunny outdoor party with close friends and family, complete with a gender reveal cake and a cannon with sprinkle confetti.

‘I always knew it was going to be a girl,’ says Sophia. ‘It was my job to cut the cake, but I was shaking so much with nerves that I couldn’t. My partner had to do it, and that’s how we found out we were having a girl, obviously [named] Willow! It was pretty amazing; we had lots of fun, nice cookies, and goodies with family and friends!’


Amanda’s party-free approach

Amanda wanted to know the sex of her babies (both boys!), but she opted just to share the news with immediate family instead of holding a gender reveal party.

‘With our first, we found out at the 20-week scan and both sets of our parents were there (or on FaceTime) to see,’ says Amanda. ‘With our second, we found out with early genetic testing and told everyone as soon as we found out.’


Jade Louise’s old-fashioned surprise

Jade Louise and her partner wanted the gender of their babies to be a surprise—for everyone, including themselves! ‘We were old fashioned, and we waited until birth to find out the sex of both of our babies,’ says Jade Louise.


Jenna’s arrival day reveal

Jenna and her partner opted to wait until their baby’s birth, too. ‘We didn’t find out what we were having, it was a surprise the day he arrived,’ she says.


Erica’s Christmas present

For the gender reveal of her second baby, Erica made her celebration creative—and festive! ‘We decided to keep it small and do it on my immediate family’s Christmas morning,’ Erica says.

‘As soon as we woke up for presents, my husband and I asked everyone to go outside for a quick surprise.’ They used colored smoke sticks to announce their baby girl, which made for fun pictures. ‘Everyone was so surprised because they were all convinced it was another boy!’


Courtney’s one-on-one conversations

When Courtney found out she was pregnant, she was hesitant to share the news with her family right away. ‘I had gone through a miscarriage just a few months earlier, so I was quite slow to announce my pregnancy to more than a handful of people,’ Courtney says.

‘Around the 18-week point when I couldn’t really hide it any longer, I told everyone I was having not just a baby, but a baby girl! It felt right to do it all at the same time, conversation by conversation with those I love.’


Huge thank you to all of our amazing Ambassadors for sharing their stories with us. We’d love to hear what you chose to do for your gender reveal or why you chose to wait until the big day!

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